Saturday , 15 December 2018


India and Headley

The Union Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram is optimistic of India getting access to the Pakistani-American terrorist David Coleman Headley after he made the confession to an American court that he planned the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

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The Bomb Passes

A low-intensity crude bomb was found in a cargo compartment of the Kingfisher flight with 27 passengers on board, which arrived in Thiruvananthapuram from Bengaluru at 8.25 am on March 21.

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Mahila Raj

MR Mulayam Singh’s fear that women’s reservation will leave only 1 per cent male in legislatures after three terms echoes the sense of apocalypse among males to the idea of ceding power to women.

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Narendra Modi must Resign
APROPOS the editorial ‘Master of mayhem’ (NT, March 13), the Gulbarg Housing society massacre was one of the most gory in the 2002 Gujarat pogrom where as much as 69 people including the former Congress MP,

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A Model for Goa

A ROADMAP for sustainable development in Goa is an unfinished debate. For instance, the opposition of the local people to mega real estate projects is yet to result in the government developing the blueprint of a judicious land use policy.

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Patronage to Jihad

PAKISTAN is a persistent promise-breaker; so it would be futile to expect a decent behaviour from it. For the second time in the last fortnight the Defence Minister, Mr A K Antony has reiterated that about 42 terrorists camp are still alive in Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK) region

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