Wednesday , 14 November 2018



Step in Right Direction
THE recent order issued by the Directorate of Higher Education has apparently increased the credibility and the image of lecturers working on contractual basis in various aided colleges in Goa.

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Congress’ Saga of Scams

IT looks like India is turning into a house of scandals. Last week, several skeletons tumbled out of the country’s closet as allegations were being made of how in the Indian Premier League (IPL) money-laundering took place in the name of cricket and under the garb of ‘global entertainment’.

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Erosion of Goa’s Coastline

AT least 20 per cent of the 105 km of the Goan coastline has been affected by erosion. More erosion has been caused by man-made factors such as urbanisation, destruction of mangroves, constructions and economic activities rather than by natural phenomena like waves, winds, tides and short currents.

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Learning from IPL

INDIA with a population of 110 crore could never succeed in winning even 11 gold medals at the Olympics, that too when almost all the sports associations are run by political leaders, who swear by public welfare and national glory.

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A Dangerous Scenario

India’s metros have been a favourite target of terrorists. But the latest warning of “imminent” terror attacks especially on Delhi coming from at least three countries, the US, UK and Australia raises a major concern.

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