Monday , 22 October 2018


Too Much Inequality Hurts Growth

By Ajit Ranade President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reform is supposed to be the largest tax cut in history. It reduces the highest marginal income tax rate as also the corporate tax rate. It eliminates estate taxes. However, the benefits will flow disproportionately more to the rich. The Tax Policy Centre of America estimates that the tax cuts will mostly ... Read More »


Homelessness, Joblessness Are Major Problems Of Society Jobless migrants and labour mostly sleep on the Margoa Muncipal Corporation garden or public benches. This happens all over Goa. The MMC chairperson expects the police to take action. The police drive them away once, but expects the MMC security guards to follow up. Is this the way the government thinks, the way ... Read More »

Reimposition Of Ban On Sale Of Firecrackers

PACHU MENON, MARGAO Synonymous with celebrations, the bursting of firecrackers across the country heralding joyous occasions and festivals continues to retain its charm in spite of the nuisance it has been causing. Hence the reimposition of a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and the national capital region by the Supreme Court will definitely dampen the spirits of ... Read More »

What World Food Day Means To Goa

Nandkumar M Kamat October 16, the foundation day of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an UN agency is observed as ‘World Food Day (WFD)”. With no enthusiasm at mandated departments of agriculture and animal husbandry, WFD may not mean anything to Government of Goa. However, ICAR-Central Coastal Agriculture Research Institute at Old Goa celebrates WFD without fail every year. Please ... Read More »


Against Environment And For Fire Crackers! The political crackers or bombs have begun to burst much before the Diwali fire crackers. Instead they should pay attention to how they are going to implement the court’s directive. There have to be fire crackers for celebrating Diwali. Please like & share: Read More »

Go For Drastic Administrative Reforms

BINAYAK DATTA IN one of Tagore’s greatest plays, Prayaschitta (atonement), Dhananjay, the hero who happens to be a peasant leader, remarks: “ …as the king, your duty was to give us justice and as subjects our duty was to pay you our taxes… and we won’t…. where’s the justice,  Please like & share: Read More »


Parked Vehicles Pose Danger At Navelim THE road takes a sharp left turn near Bank of Baroda at Navelim and farther leads to the Konkan Railway station, Margao. The road at this sharp turn just before the district library is now used as a parking lot making the area a deathtrap. Please like & share: Read More »

No Room For Hindutva Politics In Kerala

RAJDEEP SARDESAI LAST Tuesday, the government of India seemed to temporarily shift its base to the BJP headquarters at Delhi’s Ashoka Road. A string of high-profile Union ministers queued up for studio interviews to protest Left violence against RSS cadres in Kerala. Forget economic slowdown, jobs, GST, Rohingyas, Kashmir:  for a few hours at least, the BJP’s high-decibel Jan Raksha ... Read More »


Stop Corporal Punishment TEACHERS are mandated to impart knowledge to students. They are next to parents in instilling moral values in their pupils. However, the recent cases of corporal punishment meted out to students in the state  indicate that teachers are not considerate towards their pupils, some of  whom come from lower strata of our society. The corporal punishment does ... Read More »

Non-Residents Can’t Be Given Free Healthcare in Goa

RODNEY DE SOUZA, ASSAGAO IT was heartening to know that, at last, the state government is considering charging the people from other states who visit government hospitals and healthcare centres in Goa for medical treatment. This was a long expressed feeling of the people of Goa. It is understood that about 40 per cent of the people taking treatment in ... Read More »