Friday , 19 April 2019


No Lasting Peace in Northeast

By Sanchet Barua and Dawa Tshering

PEACEMAKING is a messy business. Avoiding or ending violence often requires compromises that some consider appeasement, injustice, or undemocratic. Yet, a flawed peace may be preferable to continued violence. Ideally, compromises to end violence induce future participation in rule-based competition for political power.

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Improving Climate in Kashmir

THE schools reopened in Jammu and Kashmir after three months of closure in view of virtually daily occurrence of stone pelting by mobs of youth at police. The attendance was about one-fifths of the normal but anyway it is a good beginning.

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Incomplete BPL List

IT is highly deplorable that the Goa government agencies have failed to make a complete list of BPL (Below the Poverty Line) families at Telaulim village in South Goa district. Failure in one village suggests there might be people missing from the BPL list in other villages too.

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Punish the Guilty


IT is indeed shameful to see the coverage on newspapers and TV news channels about the CWG mess. Because of some corrupt handfuls managing the event the image of the entire country has suffered a setback.

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Elusive Nutrition

AT a lecture in Panaji on Sunday, well-known agricultural scientist Dr M S Swaminathan, who is regarded as the Father of the Green Revolution in India, lamented that despite the fact that our country had almost 60 million tonnes of food constantly in stock, malnutrition was widespread.

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Another CCP Riddle

THE Corporation of the City of Panaji has added one more riddle to its long list of mysteries. The CCP has given away about ` 68 lakh as fees for half a dozen or so of consultant agencies from outside Goa supposedly for preparing plans for submission to the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

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