Sunday , 24 March 2019


Dynasty and Beyond

IT was a made for television moment: on the night of the Jammu and Kashmir election verdict in 2008, we had the Abdullahs, Dr Farooq and Omar, together on an analysis show. ‘Would you rule yourself out as the next chief minister?” we asked Dr Abdullah.

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Thinking Public Transport

The decision of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) to introduce pay parking in three zones in the city is perhaps a last-ditch effort to bring some order on the city’s roads. Last week tenders were awarded for collecting parking fee at the Dona Paula jetty, 18 June Road and selected areas around the market.

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Ayodhya Verdict
The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court is scheduled to pronounce its judgement on the Ayodhya dispute on September 24 and television channels have already begun creating a hype surrounding the issue.

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Sustainable Planning of Municipalities-II


BY April 2011, Goa would have urban population reaching 60 per cent with a projected 70 census towns. The trend of urbanisation in Goa has defied all predictions after liberation. Whereas the rest of the country showed a growth of urban population from 18 to 28 per cent between 1961 to 2001, the figures for the same period for Goa were 15 and 50.

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Ambivalence on Casinos

THE state government’s move to relocate the seven floating casinos in the Mandovi River may not tackle any of the public issues raised about them; rather it might add to problems. Just moving them away from public gaze would not work.

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Pray for Salvager’s Success

It is quite ironic that the last glimmer of hope for the removal of the River Princess comes from the torchlight of its owner Mr Anil Salgaocar who used persistent litigation to stall its removal since the bulk carrier ran aground in a storm in 2000.

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