Tuesday , 23 October 2018


Sustainability of Marmagoa Port

THE decision by Marmagoa Port Trust (MPT) to reject the proposal to construct or develop container terminal for import and export of pharma products is an interesting countermove in a game which may finally lead to unwanted and basically avoidable conflicts.

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Value of Short Films

AN international film festival without controversy is no film festival at all. Even seven years after the festival found a permanent place in Goa, it has not been smooth sailing for the Entertainment Society of Goa, which co-hosts the festival along with the Directorate of Film Festivals, New Delhi.

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Role of Criminals in 26/11

SLEUTHS of the National Investigating Agency probing the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai long believed that the terrorists, or those who planned it had received aid from the underworld. Rigorous investigations narrowed the list to Chand Madar who was shot dead close to the CST station last month.

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Young, Discerning Public
THE opening ceremony of the CWG somewhat restored my confidence in the future of this nation. Firstly, it demonstrated that we are capable of producing results if inept and corrupt politicians get out of the way.

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Ambivalent Pak-US Relationship


IT is perhaps worth recalling that immediately after 9/11 the then United States deputy secretary of states, Mr Richard Armitage, threatened Pakistan with "bombing it back to the Stone Age" if it did not join the US in fighting terrorism but continued to side with the terrorists.

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A City Far from Srinagar

HEAD of the Obama visit, the US has assured India that there is no change in its position on the Kashmir issue. Ruling out any intervention, the US says it holds that the Kashmir issue can only be resolved through bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan.

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Activist Contractors

WITH the River Princess Hatao Manch declining to undertake the task of removal of the grounded ship, we are once again on cross-roads. The manch has cited difficult terms for the work, such as bank guarantee of ` 10 crore sought by the government.

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Political Patronage and Corruption

THE Commonwealth Games have taught us a lesson-that we as a people have lost all sense of honour and responsibility?  Winston Churchill must be laughing in his grave. The sad thing is that we have no one to provide moral leadership. As a nation we are drifting.

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Flying Sky Bus Again

Since India has turned its back on the sky bus, the Konkan Railway Corporation has opted to throw open the technology developed since 2003, when this project received the green signal from the Union government, to the global market.

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