Friday , 26 April 2019



On KR Sarathi Seva Service IT was with much fanfare that Konkan Railway announced over the print and electronic media its new assistance scheme for physically-challenged passengers at select stations, including Madgaon, Please like & share: Read More »

Make GST A User-friendly System

BINAYAK DATTA I must admit that I was a bit depressed with the low key ‘first birthday celebrations’ of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). No big ‘midnight sessions,’ no double full-cover advertisements in leading dailies but only a few tame panel discussions here and there to keep us professionals a bit busy and some lower-key press statements from the ... Read More »


Penalise People Dumping Garbage in The Open As the torrential downpours have flooded the roads of towns and villages in Goa, the dismal failure of civic bodies and citizens has been exposed. The civic bodies have failed to clean the drains and also ensure that the encroachments on the drains are demolished. Further, the citizens who dump garbage at the ... Read More »

Commercialisation Of Basic Services

KAJAL CHATTERJEE, KOLKATA In this unequal society, it is natural that the wealthy will immerse themselves in all possible luxuries and comforts while the unprivileged will fail to make both ends meet. But the greatest misfortune that ails this ‘democratic’ country is that even in the spheres of life and death or essential services, people get treated according to their ... Read More »

Crack Down On Mob Violence

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES WHEN we observe people behaving so ruthlessly arrogating to themselves the right to behave as they want with least respect for law, we wonder whether we are moving a step forward or retreating two steps backward. Cow vigilantism has been a new term brewing up since the last couple of years. Ever since the concept of ‘gaurakshak’ ... Read More »

Cong Opening Up To Regional Parties

Rajdeep Sardesai A SIMPLE photo-op can sometimes expose the entire political picture. Last month, as Rahul Gandhi hosted an iftaar party, his high table did not include a single opposition party chieftain: most of them chose to send their representatives instead while the Samajwadi Party gave the event a miss altogether. The message was clear: most opposition parties do not ... Read More »


Challenges To Spur MLAs THE ‘farming challenge’ thrown open to Goan politicians on social media by the sarpanch of Aquem-Baixo to venture out of their air-conditioned offices and help farmers in the fields to solve their problems, has had the desired effect, by spurring 2 of our MLAs to throw down the gauntlet and accept the challenge. While one of ... Read More »

Strain In Washington-Delhi Relations

KULDIP NAYAR An autocrat can really unhinge a democratic system. This is what US President Donald Trump is doing. But he is also turning into an imperialist power. India has had a good understanding with America and the two democracies, one the strongest and the other the largest, have ambled their way through in the chaotic world. President Trump has ... Read More »


On Goa’s History In School Textbooks Through this newspaper, I came to know about the government’s plan to include history of Goa’s freedom struggle into school syllabus. The content to be included should be positive and not prejudiced or showing hatred towards past events. Let us not poison the young minds with hatred. Let the truth prevail. History should include ... Read More »

Tackling Crime involving Youth

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The armed assault and dacoity case reported from Guirdolim in South Goa last Sunday portends a dangerous trend wherein more and more youngsters are being drawn into a life of crime unmindful of the consequences. With the arrest of the two youth accused for their complicity in the offence the police could well pat itself for the ... Read More »