Sunday , 24 March 2019



GST Impact On Ragpickers RECYCLABLE plastic, which had been taxed 5.5 per cent before, has now been bracketed in the 18 per cent GST. As a result, plastic recyclers have drastically slashed the price of waste plastic, as for example the price of empty milk packets has suffered a 50 per cent reduction. This has sharply reduced the income of ... Read More »

Fake News Is A Social Monster

PACHU MENON, MARGAO WITH the Internet and social media having created a hyper interconnectedness among people, the type of false messages circulating these days is indeed a cause of extreme worry and anxiety. Having fueled a surge in unwanted and misleading information, fake news is a social monster that has posed a unique challenge for the police and society. People ... Read More »

A Dose Of Global Fund For Infrastructure

TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE IN a world where trade wars dominate news headlines, trade in goods is interesting, but trade in capital is no less exciting. The Indian infrastructure ecosystem should take note of some policy and regulatory changes globally over the last few months. These can potentially aid the country to significantly bridge the infrastructure financing gap. Shift in asset allocation ... Read More »


Sorrows Of Ribandar NOW that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is also our MLA is back, he has to attend on a priority to the long-standing problems faced by Ribandar. Ribandar is part of the Corporation of City of Panaji, but as far as overall development and civic amenities are concerned, it   remains utterly neglected. Despite the very high municipal ... Read More »

New Dawn For Konkani Cinema

DANIEL F DE SOUZA, VASCO THERE is no denying the fact that in the recent years Konkani films are making their presence felt very strongly in the theatres across Goa. The future of Konkani films seems to be getting better with every new release. New directors, new producers with new ideas, new techniques, trained film technicians, and a rich reservoir ... Read More »

A Tête-à-tête With Shah Of Hindutva

KULDIP NAYAR I find the followers of secular ideology as fanatic as others are. There was a furore over the visit of BJP president Amit Shah to my residence a few days ago. Critics over telephone and emails were numberless. And all that they said was “you should not have allowed him to visit you”. I want to put the ... Read More »


In Praise of Pastoral Letter IT has been reported that GPCC principal general secretary Altino Gomes, while speaking at the condolence meeting, said that before the death of former MP Shantaram Naik, the latter had informed him about the need to support Archbishop of Goa and Daman Filipe Neri Ferrao against the BJP workers lest they called upon the Archbishop ... Read More »

Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays Golden Egg

JOAO BARROS-PEREIRA, CANSAULIM THE government wants policemen on motorcycles to patrol the beaches to ensure safety to visitors and local residents. Is this a knee-jerk reaction to the gangrape of a woman at Betalbatim beach, which triggered public outcry and shamed Goa in the country and world over? The icing on the cake is the consideration shown to the turtle ... Read More »

Pranab’s Mission For National Dialogue

TARUN BASU THE images from Nagpur were, in the words of a Congressman, hard to digest. Here was Pranab Mukherjee, a dyed-in-the-wool secularist, who had spent a lifetime in the Congress party, then became the president of India with the responsibility of upholding its Constitution, sharing the platform with, and enjoying the hospitality of, a person – and the organisation ... Read More »


Protect Traditional Expertise IN the fast changing world what probably is lacking is the will to protect our traditional occupations and know-how. As we make strides in modern technology, we should keep in mind that it is important to preserve skills and expertise of our farmers, fishermen, artisans, musicians, craftsmen and artists. This treasure trove of innate skills and expertise ... Read More »