Monday , 15 October 2018


SC Must Reverse Its Verdict On Homosexuality

SAMIR KHAN,  MAPUSA THE recent Supreme Court judgment decriminalising the consensual   sex between two persons of same gender and making it a non-cognisable offence  must be opposed by all sane citizens. In 2013, the SC  had cancelled the Delhi High Court order  and restored the ban on homosexuality saying that it was the job of Parliament to decide on scrapping ... Read More »

How Saudi Arabia Fights Terrorism

Dr SAUD MOHAMMED AL SATI ON September 23, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will celebrate its 88th National Day. It marks the day the Kingdom was unified under the founding King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud in 1932. On this occasion, we also celebrate the progress we have made over the last nine decades to become a modern state and ... Read More »


Homosexuality: It Is My Life   THIS is with reference to the letter, ‘Human dignity restored’ by A F Nazareth (NT, September 14, 2018). Please like & share: Read More »

Shah’s Monolithic Dream For BJP

AMULYA GANGULI BHARATIYA Janata Party president Amit Shah’s boast at the national executive meeting about the party ruling for 50 years may have been in keeping with his usual aggressive, bombastic style, but it has been interpreted in two contradictory ways. One was to see it as a sign of arrogance and the other was to discern in the seeming ... Read More »


Revising SC Judgments AN article on doctors versus judges – on why it is unfair for doctors getting punished for wrong diagnosis/operations, not judges for wrong judgments – made an interesting reading. Litigants have undergone imprisonment or suffered due to wrong judgments. Doctors may have less time to diagnose than judges to pronounce verdicts.  In the anti-dowry law,   the police ... Read More »

Don’t Get Cross With Level Crossings

PACHU MENON, MARGAO RAILWAY level crossings have somehow not got the importance they actually deserve considering the safety implications attached to them. The notion that they are irritating impediments to a smooth and uninterrupted journey has often resulted in heated arguments at these crossings. However, the savage incident at the level crossing in north Delhi’s Narela area speaks of a ... Read More »

Attempting To Suppress Dalit Assertion

MARTIN MACWAN   THE emergence of the ‘Dalit’ identity has been the result of a long Indian history. ‘Dalit’ is a popular identity in India as it is in Nepal, Please like & share: Read More »


Push For Bank Mergers FINANCIAL services department secretary Rajiv Kumar in the presence of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the proposal on the merger of three public sector banks – Dena Bank, Vijaya Bank and Bank of Baroda – to make the merged entity third largest bank in India. Please like & share: Read More »

The Pains Oil Shortage Inflicts

AJIT RANADE THE big news this week was on two key prices. One is the price of the almighty dollar, and the other is the price of petrol (or diesel). These two are the most important price signals in the economy.  And both are of imported items. India has a huge shortage of oil since domestic supplies meet barely one ... Read More »

Goa Stares At Political Crisis

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES THE BJP-led coalition government in Goa was sworn in March 2017 after the assembly elections in the backdrop of a raging controversy with experts arguing that the Governor should have invited the leader of the single largest party, namely the Congress, for government formation. Sadly that was not to be, with Digvijay Singh the man in charge ... Read More »