Wednesday , 24 April 2019


Keeping Skies Safe For Flying

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA Air travel is considered one of the safest modes of transport. The vast air space available is one of the key factors in making travel by air secure and comfortable. Aeroplanes are considered accident-prone usually during takeoff or landing. Mid-air collisions between two or more planes were seen to be a rare possibility. But not anymore considering ... Read More »

Ideas That Threaten India’s Plurality

KULDIP NAYAR I recall after the Independence, politician and diplomat Syed Shahabuddin articulated the Muslim point of view. He did not ask for separation but suggested a self-rule for Muslims within the country. Nobody took him seriously, not even the Muslims because the partition had brought misery to both the communities. Now Asaduddin Owaisi, the president of All-India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, ... Read More »


Free Roads Of Stray Cattle Stray cattle menace has turned into a serious issue at various places in the state. Cattle are noticed all over the roads not only during daytime but even at night. The presence of cattle on roads can prove to be dangerous for motorists, who are likely to crash into the animals, especially at night due ... Read More »

Pollution And Ill-Health

DEBAPRIYA MUKHERJEE, KOLKATA The Lancet Commission reported that pollution is the world’s biggest environmental cause of poor health today, responsible for 9 million deaths a year and a large burden of non-communicable diseases, including respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological impairment. Actual death and suffering from various diseases may be higher because behaviour of many pollutants and their impacts are still not ... Read More »

Misuse Of Social Media Ahead of 2019 Polls

RAJDEEP SARDESAI Amit Shah is often credited as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president, who has converted Indian elections from routine local fights into an all-out life and death ‘war.’ Little surprise then when Shah was quoted as having told a gathering of BJP social media activists in Pune that they must see themselves as ‘soldiers going into battle who ... Read More »


‘Formalin’ in Common Man’s Life The recent news of formalin in fish sent ripples of shock across our tiny state. We probably have been consuming the tainted fish for a long time now and it is only because of some brave officers that the truth came to light. Instead of commending the actions, a self-proclaimed guardian of ‘Goenkarponn’ was critical ... Read More »

Preventing Hazardous Gas Leaks

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA Hazardous gas leaks are not new to India. Iron and steel factory fire is known to cause major damage to lives and properties. A leading foreign steel mill rolling company in Tadipathri mandal of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh caught fire on July 12 claiming six lives and leaving more than five injured. The plant is said ... Read More »

Risks In Diluting Green Laws

MAYANK AGGARWAL It is the final leg of the current government’s tenure, which began in 2014. As the general elections loom, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has gone into hyperactive mode over the past year, proposing a major overhaul of the country’s environmental laws that govern its forests, fragile coasts, precious wildlife and manage the toxic levels of air pollution. ... Read More »


Quota in Wholesale Fish Market This is with reference to the news item ‘Churchill seeks quota for Goans at proposed fish market’ (NT July 17). It is shocking to learn that the upgraded wholesale fish market at Fatorda on the lines of Dubai, has no provisions for protecting the interests of Goans and that the business at the market is ... Read More »

Football World Cup 2018: Lessons To Be Learnt

SUJIT DE, KOLKATA World Cup football champion France rewrote the famous song ‘Ebony and Ivory’ in their own way – Ebony and Ivory live together in harmony side by side not only on my piano but also on a football ground. Indeed, France has shown that fraternité is the most essential thing for the success of a country. Antoine Griezmann, ... Read More »