Tuesday , 22 January 2019



Need For Robust Data Protection Law Our records and data are not safe anywhere and this is a worrying factor as the serious implication of data leak on common man dawned on me. The attempts by political parties in the country to snoop and cash in on voters’ vulnerabilities were outrageous. Facebook and other social media giants should refrain from ... Read More »

Death Penalty To Child Rapists, A Right Move

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES I doubt whether a day goes by without rapes being reported in our country. There had been demands from various quarters on enhancing the punishment of the rape accused. The chairperson of the National Commission for Women had been on a hunger strike demanding severe punishment for the rapists and the institution of fast-track courts to deal ... Read More »

Why Women Are Walking Away From Workforce

 AJIT RANADE   India’s female labour force participation rate (LFPR) has fallen steeply in the past thirteen years. This is the ratio of females who are doing paid work as a proportion of the total women of working age. Please like & share: Read More »


Let’s Treat All Equally One of the numerous problems our country is facing today is the sidelining of the so called ‘lower castes’ or ‘untouchables.’ And it is all the more saddening to see that even our state, Please like & share: Read More »

Flaws In Justice Delivery System

PACHU MENON,  MARGAO IT is indeed remarkable to note the haste with which the government decides on promulgating laws against crimes that hold the nation’s attention no sooner they repulse the public for their sheer heinousness. News that the Union government has approved an ordinance to award the death penalty to those convicted of raping a child up to 12 ... Read More »


Curb Ponda Stray Cattle IN Ponda the stray cattle menace has turned into a serious issue. Cattle not only occupy the footpaths/ parking areas and entrance area of shops, but also wander along the main road. They are dangerous for the precious lives of innocent travellers, in particular motorcycle riders and pillion riders. Over the years many accidents have occurred ... Read More »

Daughters Violated, India Shamed

BINAYAK DATTA PRIME Minister Narendra Modi town hall show at the plush Central Hall in Westminster was by all standards one more of those ‘super-hit events’ – songs, dances, poetry et al. Whereas I enjoyed the show, I must say I was completely nonplussed on the way the heinous offences against the underprivileged innocent children in quick succession in recent ... Read More »


Legend Of Milagres Saibinn I wonder how many of our Catholics who celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Miracles (Milagres Saibinn) in Mapusa every year on the second Monday after Easter, are aware of how  the sister of the  Hindu goddess Lairai came to be worshipped as ‘Milagres Saibinn’ in the church of St Jerome in Mapusa. Legend has ... Read More »

Cash Crunch, A Symptom Of A Malaise

PACHU MENON, MARGAO APPARENTLY we are in for another economic pandemonium with reports of severe cash crunch affecting a number of states in the country. Over the past few days, news reports on cash crunch at  ATMs have revived fears of the pain Indians suffered after the demonetisation.  While a statement issued by the Union ministry of finance assuring adequate ... Read More »

Bengal Violence Hurting Mamata’s Plans

AMULYA GANGULI THE Calcutta High Court’s decision to suspend the panchayat poll process in West Bengal is a major blow to its Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. It shows that her government has failed to ensure even a routine administrative procedure like the peaceful conduct of an election campaign. It is a blot on a government that is not only in ... Read More »