Tuesday , 13 November 2018



Tighten Noose Around Tayal Group IT appears that bank frauds effected by  firms  owned by Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi have defocused the bank loan default of about Rs 3000 crore involving Tayal group of companies, which has been under CBI inquiry for the last three years. The group, which is now into  real estate, textiles and fibres, was the ... Read More »

Give Dialogue On Kashmir A Chance

GANAPATHI  BHAT, AKOLA HISTORICALLY, attempts towards a thaw in India-Pakistan relation  has hinged on  one word – dialogue.   But  sometimes myth may prove to be stronger than history as evidenced by the continuing military offensive by Pakistan against India at the line of control  through its state or non-state actors.   That the September 2016 ‘surgical strikes’ would provoke Pakistan to ... Read More »


Act On Shrill Horns, Altered Silencers  WE are thankful to superintendent of police (traffic) for crackdown on traffic violations to bring about some discipline in motorists. Please like & share: Read More »

Points Of Modi’s Unfinished Agenda

BINAYAK  DATTA I like Khalil Gibran’s writings, for their forthrightness and objectivity. And he writes in his “The Prophet”… “Friendship is a sweet responsibility – never an opportunity”! Last week’s discourse in the Parliament on the motion of thanks to the President Kovind’s Address seemed to unearth the stark contrast of Gibran’s idea of friendship from the total absence of ... Read More »


Long Way To Go For Green India The Forest Survey of India’s biennial “India State of Forest Report (ISFR),  2017”  on India’s green cover  has nothing much to cheer about though the report has taken pains in explaining how India’s forest cover as well as tree cover has raised by “one per cent” over the last two years. The forest ... Read More »

Penalising The Guilty Of PNB Fraud

Y S S KAPDI, PANAJI The fraud of US$ 1.7 bn detected in the Mumbai branch of Punjab National Bank has rightfully created a public furor in the country. The Indian tax payer, who will eventually have to pay for this loss, is outraged not merely at the huge financial loss but more at the total collapse of the so-called ... Read More »

India-US Role Reversal In Global Leadership

FRANK F ISLAM For the last half of the 20th century, the United States was the world’s beacon for democracy and economic development and India was a laggard. These roles are reversing as the end of the second decade of the 21st century approaches. India is becoming a beacon and the US is becoming a flashlight. In large part, this ... Read More »


Review Security Measures At ATM Centres Instances of ATM skimming are back to haunt Goans. The safety and security of ATMs has come under the spotlight after 15 people from in and around Dabolim were reportedly duped of cash, which was fraudulently withdrawn from their accounts through ATM transactions over a period of two days. It is understood that people ... Read More »

Penalise Irresponsible KTC Drivers, Conductors

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The Kadamba Transport Corporation provides transport and connectivity to Goa’s main towns and rural hinterland. With the state’s monopoly on almost all the routes, it was expected that it would create a severe dent in the business for private bus operators. Yet, KTC continues to be in the red year after year so much so that it ... Read More »

2019 May Not Be A Cakewalk For BJP

RAJDEEP SARDESAI February is arguably the nicest month weather-wise in the national capital: the icy Himalayan wind gives way to a gentler cool breeze signalling a gradual change of seasons. This time, it also marks a possible shift in political temperature ahead of a big election year. Where Congressmen were once wrapped up at home in their woolens fearing an ... Read More »