Friday , 26 April 2019


The Idea Of India Under Threat

EDUARDO FALEIRO   EVERY year, on and around June 26, the anniversary of the Emergency imposed in 1975, the present government attempts to highlight the supposed wrongdoings committed at that time. However, the government blitz this year was much beyond the normal. Press conferences, government advertising and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s blasting speech, raise the question of just what was ... Read More »

Rein In Lynchers With Iron Hand

AMULYA GANGULI ALTHOUGH the Supreme Court in India has suggested that a law be enacted specifically to deal with the “new normal” of lynchings, it will be advisable to widen the scope of the legal remedy to include all forms of mob violence, even if doubts are likely to remain about the efficacy of the proposed solution. The wider ambit ... Read More »


MLAs Ill-informed On Formalin THE International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the   World Health Organisation,  classifies formaldehyde/formalin as carcinogenic to humans. Despite  this  classification, BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral in a move to allay people’s fears has dared to state in the state legislative  assembly that “there is no evidence that formalin causes cancer”. Earlier,  it was Health ... Read More »

Let Our Women Stand On Their Dignity

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES IT is worth tracing the fight of the womenfolk in our country which is pervaded with patriarchal domineering since ages. One of the most striking and earliest cases in this regard is the historic Shah Bano case, in which a 62-year-old Muslim woman and mother of five children who had been divorced in 1978, demanded adequate maintenance ... Read More »

Be Judicious And Not Profligate

AJIT RANADE TWO important bodies have sent out voices of caution on the Indian economy in recent days.  The International Monetary Fund has revised its growth estimate downward for India, for this year as well as the next. The revision is small for 2018 – from 7.4 to 7.3 per cent. But for next year, the revised growth projection is ... Read More »


A Laggard Facilitator THIS is with reference to the article ‘Ease of business: Goa has to do a lot’ by Binayak Datta (NT, July 21, 2018). Goa has not got envious   distinction in facilitating establishment of  a business concern, which could be due to the paucity of land.  The state government adopted a law and notified it in January 2018, ... Read More »

Embracing ‘Hug Diplomacy’

GANAPATHI  BHAT, AKOLA PRIME Minister Narendra Modi’s “hug diplomacy” had evoked curious and surprising observations and anticipation among the politicians and the common man alike. The bonhomie between Modi and a particular world leader was predicted based on whether or not Modi would embrace that world leader.  The Prime Minister, who is known to be adept in his homework, must ... Read More »

Fish Cartel Exposed Eight Years Late

  Nandkumar M Kamat   It was like any other day in November 2010 when at about 7.30 pm I visited CCP fish market in India’s second richest town to check for kingfish (isvon). This market is familiar to me since my childhood, specifically from 1965. I have witnessed its transformation over the decades. Please like & share: Read More »


Need For Strong Opposition Party If the general public perception is increasing that the current ruling party is slowly turning to be less and less democratic; the Congress and its top leaders have to take major blame. Please like & share: Read More »

Ease of Business: Goa Has To Do A Lot

BINAYAK DATTA A past senior bureaucrat friend of mine said ‘the biggest fright these days in the corridors of power at Delhi is not terrorism, not sanctions, neither draughts nor Doklams but it’s the sudden surfacing of new rankings and ratings in the morning papers.’ The two reports in quick succession on ‘Ease of Doing Business in Indian States’ – ... Read More »