Wednesday , 19 September 2018



On Favourites And EC Appointees THIS is with reference to the appointments of Om Prakash Rawat as 22nd Chief Election Commissioner and Ashok Lawasa as an election commissioner. A public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court in July 2015 seeking much-needed reforms for selection of election commissioners through a collegium consisting of prime minister and member of the ... Read More »

Keep Churches Open During Daytime

ROBERT CASTELLINO, CALANGUTE A bishop in Portsmouth, UK, has criticised the churches that remain locked during the day. Bishop Philip Egan has appealed to Catholic churches to follow the Church of England   by keeping church doors open after services. On a visit to churches in his Catholic diocese he said that he was unable to visit a single church as ... Read More »

Budget Should Focus On Infra Investments

TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE AS Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is days away from presenting Budget 2018, there are two key issues that he must address to boost investment and growth in the country. They are non-tax revenues from land bank monetisation of public institutions, and full tax-exempt status for income from debt instruments issued by real estate investment trusts and infrastructure ... Read More »


Mockery Of Rule On Helmet A video clip being circulated on WhatsApp shows traffic police at a junction in Goa stopping helmetless riders and imposing a fine. However several two-wheeler riders who are not wearing the mandatory helmet are seen dismounting from the vehicles and walking right in front of the cops pushing their two-wheeler with their hands. The police ... Read More »

Nurture Scientific Temper

SUJIT DE, KOLKATA THIS refers to the letters, ‘Unenlightened take on Darwinism’ by A F Nazareth and ‘Empty vessels make more noise’ by Michael Vaz (NT, January 24, 2018). Educated persons holding constitutional posts have been giving statements which are against Article 51A (h) of our Constitution that says “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to ... Read More »

Amendments Yet To Bring Raj Of Panchayats

AJIT RANADE THIS year marks the 25th   anniversary of the historic 73rd and 74th amendments to the Constitution of India. These two amendments conferred constitutional status to local self-governments in rural and urban areas. The respective bills were tabled in Parliament by the government of prime minister Narasimha Rao, and were passed by both houses in December 1992. An earlier ... Read More »


Unenlightened Take On Darwinism UNION Minister of State for Human Resources Satyapal Singh has stirred a hornet’s nest with his bizarre statement debunking Darwin’s theory of evolution of humans from the anthropoid ape on the grounds that our ancestors who went to the jungles never reported to have seen an ape turning into a man. By now the  minister should ... Read More »

Parrikar Loses Battle To Taxi Operators

PACHU MENON, MARGAO IS  Chief Minister  Manohar Parrikar losing his grip over the motley crowd that constitutes the ruling dispensation in Goa today? For a man habituated to ruling with an iron-fist, of late the control seems to be slipping out of his hand. Hailed as a wizard who could resolve the most complex of situations with a wave of ... Read More »

The Positives Of Opinion Poll For Goa

EDUARDO FALEIRO WE celebrate this month the golden jubilee of the Opinion Poll. After Liberation there were two opposite points of view regarding the status for Goa. The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party wanted merger of Goa into Maharashtra whilst the United Goans Party and the Congress held that Goa should not merge into Maharashtra. The arguments in favour of merger were ... Read More »


Rein In Traffic Rule Violators DESPITE the Supreme Court orders and government trying to enforce  traffic rules, the state has seen a 60 per cent  increase in traffic violations. The power  to govern is challenged when the state comes into conflict with some collective or vested interests.  For example  taxi unions have been refusing to install speed governors or fare ... Read More »