Friday , 22 February 2019



Put Up Warning Signs After Landslide A major landslide on national highway at Khandepar caused a sever traffic blockade (NT June 26). It is understood that this is the second landslide along this route. A massive landslide had occurred at Curti a few days back on the National Highway where construction of a four-lane road is in progress.  It must ... Read More »

Encouraging Efforts For Awareness On Drugs

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The South Goa Collector’s decision to go to colleges in her district with police and education officials to create awareness among students on the ill-effects of narcotic drugs is indeed commendable. For a state that is threatened by the scourge of drug addiction among its youth that is assuming endemic proportions, it is necessary that the administration ... Read More »

Fiscal Caution Thrown To The Wind

AJIT RANADE THE list of top ten countries with the highest debt to GDP ratio as compiled by the International Monetary Fund has three European nations (Greece, Italy and Portugal), and the number one slot belongs to Japan, whose ratio is nearly 240 per cent. Contrary to conventional expectations, these highly indebted countries are not among the poorest nations, or ... Read More »


Give Govt Jobs To Right Persons RECENTLY a high-level committee headed by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar approved to fill up 400 posts   in various government departments. Furthermore, around 5000 posts are expected to be approved by the government in the near future.  In Goa, as in other parts of the country, the selection of the candidates applying for government posts ... Read More »

Selection Of Judges Must Be Transparent

AIRES RODRIGUES, RIBANDAR IT is very crucial that only persons with sound knowledge of law and impeccable integrity be selected as judges even at the entry level in the lower judiciary. The selection of judges through a very transparent laid-down process has to be very meticulous as persons with suspect credentials and those who cannot interpret the law inflict irreversible ... Read More »

Solutions For Santa Inez Creek Ignored

NANDKUMAR M KAMAT THE spilling waters of an artificially choked overflowing ‘estuaries de Santa Ignes (1888)’ or Santa Inez creek teeming with pollutants and pathogens, flooded parts of Bhatulem, Please like & share: Read More »


Install More Traffic Signals SOME people are quick to protest when little inconvenience is caused to them while overseeing the greater good done to the general public. Please like & share: Read More »

Ways To Create Regular Jobs

Binayak Datta “In a society with wide inequalities, creating productive, regular jobs are perhaps the most urgent priority. The issue is not just the number of jobs but also the type of jobs. A transition into the middle class calls for the creation of salaried jobs,”…this is what the World Bank states in its “Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for India” ... Read More »


No Plastic-Free Goa With Plastic Garbage Bags The government’s effort to make Goa plastic free is indeed welcome. To achieve this goal it is necessary to slowly phase out materials made of plastic since plastic is not biodegradable and remains in the environment for several decades. Proper disposal of garbage, including plastic waste, assumes significance. But ironically the garbage bags ... Read More »

Unbelievable Success Stories Of Hard Work

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES In India, around this part of the year, the students aspiring for professional education are often found busy trying to find out where they figure in the merit list, be it at the national level or the state level. What a joy and thrill it is to the youngsters and their parents if the desired goal of ... Read More »