Sunday , 23 September 2018



Services Denied Over Absence of Aadhaar The cost of living is shooting up in more ways than one. People are taxed mentally, physically and monetarily to help government get its act together, instead of the other way around! Please like & share: Read More »

Higher MSP Will Lead To Inflation

AJIT RANADE   There are many positive features of the Union Budget presented on February 1. First, there is great expenditure restraint. Please like & share: Read More »

Jaitley Is Large-hearted To The Poor

BINAYAK DATTA THE raging debate on whether the Union budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was populist or popular having slowly died down over the week (the bloodbath at the Sensex not confirming either), I think the week that went by was interesting throughout! The Economic Survey stresses on five points:  1) jobs; 2) investments; 3) agriculture; 4) public ... Read More »


‘Criminals’ Vie For Padma Awards SOME magazines have highlighted on serious criminal allegations made against some nominees of Padma awards 2018; the news reports also published documents buttressing the allegations. There are even allegations that on earlier occasions   names of some Padma award nominees were rejected by intelligence authorities before they could be announced on Republic Day eve. Since time-gap ... Read More »

Aadhaar Card Comes In Handy For Nepalis

PACHU MENON, MARGAO THE other day I was shocked to hear that a few Nepalese youth had approached a local placement agency for jobs presenting their Aadhaar cards as proofs of their identity. To the best of my knowledge, Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India to the residents of India after satisfying the verification process ... Read More »

Inflation Looms Large Over Economy

By R K Pattnaik and Jagdish Rattanani The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the RBI at its last sitting for the current financial year and the first meeting after the Union Budget has decided by a majority vote (5 to 1) to keep the policy repo rate unchanged at six per cent. One member voted to increase the rate by ... Read More »


Gag Order On Gram Sabhas While it is welcome news that orders are issued to discipline Gram Sabhas to stick to approved agenda only, the elephant in the room is the agenda subjects are to be decided by the Panchayat! No checks and balances to ensure complaints against the Panchayat, or prejudices of decision makers are dumped/ignored and genuine people’s problems easily ... Read More »

High Voltage Spectacle In Parliament

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES It is nothing new that quite often the debates in Parliament are not just retaliatory but fuming with vengeance and at times the tongue is let loose beyond control and the erring person nay parliamentarian is made to withdraw and apologise. On Wednesday the Parliament was thankfully shorn of such gimmicks but there was something exceptional in ... Read More »

Changing Dimensions Of Kashmir Conflict

KULDIP NAYAR TWO more policemen died in the valley. This is not the first time that there is casualty in Kashmir. But the disconcerting aspect is that killings are taking place at regular intervals. New Delhi has not been able to quell violence. Probably, the cause is eluding the Modi government at the Centre. That has to be tackled if ... Read More »