Friday , 19 April 2019



Disproportionate Prices Of Petrol The relatively high prices of petrol at present do not seem to be logically right. Consider that the price of crude oil during the UPA regime had reached a high of $140/barrel. Please like & share: Read More »

Why Pitrupaksha Haunts Goan Politicians

Nandkumar M Kamat Suddenly over past few weeks the media in Goa is discussing the political dimension of Hindu ritual of period of ancestor worship called ‘Pitrupaksha’ adding a shocking, unconstitutional, illegal, irrational, prehistoric, superstitious, anti social, anti reformist and anti progress dimension to the chaotic political discourse. This highly urbanised, fully literate and affluent state should be ashamed of ... Read More »


Needed Stringent Law Against Lynching The danger of going soft against cow vigilantism is that the mob after tasting blood and power out on the streets dares go wild and tries to run a parallel government. The first casualty in that case will be the law of the land. The lynching of an ASI Dev Chand Nagle in MP’s Chhindwara ... Read More »

Bureaucracy And Loopholes

ARMIN ESER, SANGOLDA This is with ‘Man sets motorcycle on fire hours after getting possession from the court’ NT Oct 6, 2018 incident. The video on “You Tube” does not show a man “in a fit of rage”. (Search “Mapusa court motorcycle fire”.)  He was cool, he made sure not to damage nearby motorcycles. Has anybody ever heard of somebody ... Read More »

SC: A ‘Reformer’ Of Indian Society

BINAYAK DATTA IN just over a week’s time, the Supreme Court of India once again proved that we are one of the greatest examples of a ‘structural’ democracy in the world. Whilst there have been a few hiccups here a few flutters there,  this 68-year-old institution has matured finally into the roles of a justice provider beyond the realms of ... Read More »


Root Out Drunk Driving THE Goa police have decided to deploy traffic police at night to penalise drivers and two-wheeler riders found violating traffic rules (NT October 5, 2018). Besides tackling violations of traffic rules like over-speeding and jumping signals what is also very important is to keep a check on drunken driving at night which at present goes on ... Read More »

A Roadmap For My Beloved Goa

CAREY CORDEIRO, SALIGAO TO march forward, we need to put our house in order, and that is not happening in our Goa! All political parties have utterly failed in winning the hearts of Goans. I appeal to all the MLAs and the government to focus on development of Goa. To achieve this, the government must be purposeful and action-oriented. The ... Read More »

The Illusion Of Opposition Unity

AMULYA GANGULI THE Bharatiya Janata Party’s hope of avoiding the nightmare of a united Opposition may well be fulfilled. After K Chandrashekhar Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi poured cold water on the idea of a federal front floated by him and Mamata Banerjee some time ago, the Bahujan Samaj Party  czarina, Mayawati, has scuttled the possibility of a united ... Read More »


Prescription for Illegible Handwriting THE Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has imposed a fine on three doctors for illegible handwriting on reports submitted before the High Court.  Central and state governments should take a clue from the HC order and issue necessary directives stipulating that medical practitioners may issue computerised prescriptions. Exemption may be granted to the elderly ... Read More »

No Respect For The Departed

PACHU MENON, MARGAO THE GMC body goof-up case signifies that rot in a system where the administrators entrusted the task of efficiently managing public health services have been conspicuous by their insensitiveness towards the problems of the sick. The situation has now apparently reached a stage where even the dead have to be at their mercy for a decent funeral. ... Read More »