Wednesday , 19 September 2018


Remove Banners Giving Margao A Shabby Look

MELSON F M LOUIS, MARGAO Goa is blessed by Mother Nature with natural beauty. Goans should make Goa a better place to live in for our future generations. There is a need to preserve the natural beauty of Goa, as it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations for local and foreign tourists. In Margao, one can see banners ... Read More »

Sino-US Trade War Is Bad News For India

AJIT RANADE One of the significant global trends these days is the rise of protectionism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi identified this as one of three major global challenges in his speech at Davos earlier this year. The rise of protectionism is closely identified with the trade policies articulated and now implemented by President Donald Trump. His government’s latest move to ... Read More »


On Open Defecation In Goa This is with reference to the editorial ‘State to miss ODF deadline’ (NT March 26). Missing of deadlines by the state government for completion of projects in Goa is nothing new. It is, therefore, no surprise if the October 2 deadline to make Goa ‘Open Defecation Free’ (ODF) by constructing 72,000 bio-toilets remains unfulfilled. Moreover, ... Read More »

Public Welfare Should Be Priority Of Politicians

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The strength of a nation is only as good as the vitality of its government! If a popular government ends up making the life of a common man more wretched than it already is, it’s time it made serious efforts to justify the mandate given by the people for its continuance in office. The government, it is ... Read More »

Alternative Employment in Mining Areas

Nandkumar M Kamat NO mining should be permitted again in Goa till all stakeholders have sovereign written guarantees about sustainability principles relevant for all the different stages of the mining cycle. These include precise geochemical evaluation and auditing of the ores, Please like & share: Read More »


Repercussions Of US, China Trade War WINNING a ‘Trade War’ for the sake of boosting the country’s economy is much more important than winning an ‘actual war’. Please like & share: Read More »

Mining Mess: Auction Could Be Way Forward

BINAYAK DATTA “TO be or not to be that is the question…” I think Prince Hamlet’s famed soliloquy in Shakespeare’s tragedy is the apt question Goa faces today – only the question here is ‘to review or not to’ (the apex court verdict on closing mining activities)! Regretfully, what one saw on Monday  in Panaji is:  you should first go ... Read More »


Bring In Law On Data Protection THE Cambridge Analytica episode has highlighted the need for a strong and effective data protection law which should reflect changes made by science and technology. India has no express data privacy law. The Supreme Court  has defined the right to privacy as a fundamental right. But in the wake of widespread misuse of data ... Read More »

Birds Keep Off Goan Cities

ADELMO FERNANDES, VASCO IN the good old days even those living in the towns  of Goa would be awakened every morning by the chirping of birds and by the crowing of the cock in the distance. But unfortunately the number of birds in our cities has diminished quite considerably. The crow was a common sight in the cities. Several crows ... Read More »

Reforms By Stealth Caused Agrarian Distress

AMIT KAPOOR THE 180-km-long march of Maharashtra’s farmers from Nashik to Mumbai that swelled to about 40,000 in number by the time it reached the state capital is a potent reminder of the burgeoning problem of agrarian distress in India. It is also indicative of how this segment of the Indian population – which comprises about 60 per cent of ... Read More »