Friday , 24 May 2019



Banks Should Be Vigilant Towards ATM Thefts It is indeed disturbing to note the poor response from banks towards adopting security measures at ATM centers in spite of the spate of thefts at the electronic banking outlets which remain unguarded due to reasons best known to them. Read More »

Goa Next Target After 2008 Mumbai Attack?

 Nandkumar M Kamat   The price of protection of freedom, liberty and democracy is eternal vigilance. Are we vigilant in Goa or are we too naïve? Despite raising an alert on dangers from wildfire, Read More »

Threat From Centralisation Of Power

Saket Suman That the nation is embodied in Prime Minister is the telling similarity between the Emergency of 1975-77 under Indira Gandhi and the contemporary state of affairs in India under Narendra Modi; but unlike the former, Modi’s “authoritarian governance” is not based on “the assumption of emergency powers by the executive”, says Gyan Prakash, a professor of history at ... Read More »


Orchard Lands Converted For Settlement Must Be Notified Settlement zones were mostly orchard lands. Conversion of orchard land will mean that agricultural lands are converted for settlement, by notifying laws for development. Government must first decide whether these lands are agricultural lands or settlement lands. First of all settlement zones must be removed from Agricultural Tenancy Act, as all the ... Read More »

Civilisation Is Hazardous To Our Indigenous People

BIDYUT KUMAR CHATTERJEE, FARIDABAD John Allen Chau, the American national allegedly killed by people belonging to the protected the Jharwas of the North Sentinel Island are a cannibalistic tribe of the outside world for almost 60,000 years. This existing tribes numbers are believed to be less than 70 and as low as 40. Interestingly, 50 km west of Port Blair, ... Read More »

Housing For All Still A Distant Dream

Neh Srivastava Other than food and water, shelter forms the third most important component of the basic human requirements. It was fitting that the government turned its attention to that. It was not for the first time, though, and will definitely will not be the last. For years, Indian cities have been clogged by ever-growing population and the inability to ... Read More »


Breaking The Back Of The Common Man Demonitization did not achieve its stated aims, maybe helped a bit in other areas that are now being tom tommed, but it surely broke the back of the common man, not the least the Dalits, MSMEs and daily wage workers, farmers and also killed the leather industry associated with unproductive cows and cattle! ... Read More »

Verna Electronic City’s Administrative Failure

PACHU MENON, MARGAO As one of the thriving industrial hubs in the state, Verna electronic city is a beehive of activities twenty four hours of the day. With a number of multinational companies and a host of local entrepreneurs having set shop in the sprawling industrial estate, one would have expected the whole area to wear an aesthetic look. Heavy ... Read More »

Many Reasons For Indians To Migrate

Tish Sanghera An estimated 17 million Indians were living abroad in 2017, making India the largest source country for international migrants globally, up from 7 million in 1990 and a 143% increase, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of data from the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs. Over the same period, India’s per capita income increased by 522% (from $1,134 ... Read More »


Fire Incidents Taking Place Frequently It is pertinent to note that fire incidents have been taking place in the markets in the state at a disturbing frequency. The recent fire that broke out at a garment shop in Margao and the fire that broke in a departmental store in Panaji earlier should serve as a wake-up call to take preventive ... Read More »