Tuesday , 19 February 2019



Push For Bank Mergers FINANCIAL services department secretary Rajiv Kumar in the presence of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the proposal on the merger of three public sector banks – Dena Bank, Vijaya Bank and Bank of Baroda – to make the merged entity third largest bank in India. Please like & share: Read More »

The Pains Oil Shortage Inflicts

AJIT RANADE THE big news this week was on two key prices. One is the price of the almighty dollar, and the other is the price of petrol (or diesel). These two are the most important price signals in the economy.  And both are of imported items. India has a huge shortage of oil since domestic supplies meet barely one ... Read More »

Goa Stares At Political Crisis

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES THE BJP-led coalition government in Goa was sworn in March 2017 after the assembly elections in the backdrop of a raging controversy with experts arguing that the Governor should have invited the leader of the single largest party, namely the Congress, for government formation. Sadly that was not to be, with Digvijay Singh the man in charge ... Read More »

Boosting Exports To Curb Rupee Fall

By Binayak Datta Looking at the SMS text messages from the banks which keep sending me the rates and a few economic parameters, each hour is fast turning into an anathema. I’m seriously debating whether I should politely exit the recipients’ lists – or continue staring at the gasps of the rupee as it lies critically mauled in the ICU ... Read More »


India-US Ties Upbeat The first 2+2 strategic and diplomatic dialogue between India and the United States in New Delhi is said to be a success story.   The Indian foreign and defence ministers met with their  US counterparts.  It was good to see both countries following-up from where  President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi left.   New Delhi and Washington have ... Read More »

Glory To All Professions

Joao Barros-Pereira, Velsao While anyone and everyone is eulogizing the virtues of teachers and the teaching profession, I who was a teacher for 30 years cannot help but think it is a once-in-a-year discriminatory activity, and unnecessary celebration. Now is a good time as ever to end it. In a famous English poem written two centuries  and more ago, the ... Read More »

Technology Will Spur Transport Industry

Surajit Das A report in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ predicts that India’s combined workforce will increase by 12 million each month, making it the youngest working population in the world by 2022. Sixty-five per cent of India’s population already falls in the working-age bracket, which means that a considerably large group of commuters from across the country travel long distances using personal vehicles and public transport. In ... Read More »


Democratic Strongmen All over the world, democracy seems to be throwing up dictators as heads of government who can subvert the democratic processes and do pretty much what they want like gross misuse of public funds or lording it over the cabinet or flying abroad on jaunts or treatment of personal medical problems or demanding VIP treatment all paid for ... Read More »

Parking Woes Turning Roads Into War Zones

PACHU MENON, MARGAO When we speak of traffic awareness among the masses, there is a tendency to equate it with the disciplined and orderly movement of vehicles on our thoroughfares without creating any bottlenecks. Rising incidents of road fatalities has prompted authorities to enact stringent laws to make commuting a pleasant experience for the public. Using helmets and seat-belts have ... Read More »

Growth: Learning From World’s Experiments

Amit Kapoor Ten years ago, on September 15, 2008, the dream run of the world economy came undone with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, revealing a rotten scaffolding of financial skulduggery beneath. Lehman’s failure had been the inevitable fallout of a systemic economy-wide pattern of irresponsible lending financed through issuing exotic new financial instruments that had fuelled the American housing ... Read More »