Friday , 19 April 2019


Deteriorating Face Of Capital City

SHIVRAM SALGAONKAR, PANAJI During October month, it was pleasing to note that all the civic bodies in Goa commenced good work, be it in recovery of revenue, elimination of evils such as encroachments, illegalities in markets and elsewhere in their jurisdiction, improving civic amenities such as repairs to their roads, maintenance and improving of public parks and open spaces  including  ... Read More »


Wild And Stray Animals Threat To Humans The killing of man-eater tigress ‘Avni’ by officials of the wildlife section of the forest department of Maharashtra, which was responsible for the death of several people in Maharashtra,  has been welcomed by the ‘All Goa Farmers Sangh’ with an invitation to the department  to tackle the menace of wild animals in Goa ... Read More »

Protect Tigers And Rhinos From Extinction

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola Countries should take steps to conserve animals under threat,  and not vice-versa.   Recently, China revoked the ban on the use of  “medicinal parts” of rhinoceros and tigers.  The horns of rhinoceros are of medicinal use, and India has a type of rhinoceros termed one horned rhinos.    Both India and Nepal combined, there are about  3,500 rhinos.  Many ... Read More »

How China Contained Air Pollution

While New Delhi and other Indian cities choke amid worsening air conditions and half-hearted government measures, neighbouring China — the world’s largest polluter — is slowly winning its war against pollution. Over a dozen Indian cities today are where their Chinese counterparts used to be some five years ago. Until 2009, 16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities were ... Read More »

RBI Could Adopt Flexible Inflation Targeting

The battle between the Indian government and its central bank is neither new nor unique. Though the ongoing spat between the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government can boast of multiple drivers, the most recent, and by all appearances a perennial bone of contention, is the former’s adoption of Flexible Inflation Targeting (or FIT) as its monetary policy ... Read More »


Diwali Celebration In Panaji With Loud Music “It was amusing to read from (NT Nov 8, 2018)  that Goa State Pollution Control Board found silent Diwali celebration in Panaji. GSPCB teams are required to monitor air as well as noise levels in the city. Loud music much beyond the prescribed levels was played from evening throughout the night as well ... Read More »

Traditional Festivities Lacking ‘Goan Ethos’

PACHU MENON, MARGAO Apart from the economic pangs of a lackluster year experienced, Goa has admittedly gone through a virtual phase of ‘hibernation’ in every aspect of governance. The consequences of a ‘medical’ paralysis of the government which saw some unethical political dramas being enacted in the state further added to the insolence. In keeping with this mood, the 49th ... Read More »


Indian Railways To Learn From Japanese It is understood that the Indian Railways is studying the Japanese efficiency for the country’s bullet train project. Please like & share: Read More »


Beyond Barriers MY good wishes for Swapna Barman that she has clinched gold medal, at the same time the Adidas company does deserve a salute. According to a news report, Please like & share: Read More »