Wednesday , 21 November 2018


A Historical Perspective On Fake News

SUDHANSHU RANJAN TWENTY-TWO people have been lynched in the country in the last two months because of rumours spread on social media. It has naturally raised concerns about fake news being dished out with impunity.  The Union government has expressed solicitude over the grave threat posed by it, but it does not have much leeway though Section 69 added to ... Read More »


Don’t Be Liberal With Mercy Pleas THIS is with reference to the Supreme Court turning down the review petition of the four accused in Nirbhaya case.  But still there remains yet another time-consuming option of a mercy petition with the President of India. We should bring about a system where all judicial proceedings at different stages are completed in a ... Read More »

Poverty Holds India Back

VINOD C DIXIT, AHMEDABAD THIS is with reference to the article ‘India seeing the back of extreme poverty’ by Ajit Ranade (NT, July 10, 2018). The population explosion is obstructing our war on poverty, which has been a focus   area for Indian governments since the Independence. Higher overhead costs in retaining older workers, wages that rise with length of service, ... Read More »

India Seeing The Back Of Extreme Poverty

AJIT RANADE A recent report from the globally renowned Brookings Institution shows a dramatic reduction of poverty in India. As of May 2018, India has 73 million people living in extreme poverty, as against 87 million in Nigeria. For the first time, India does not house the maximum number of extremely poor people, despite its high population share. Not too ... Read More »


Cacophony Of Tall Claims The NDA government at the Centre has failed miserably to fulfil the promises political parties had made during the Lok  Sabha elections of 2014. It has been pursuing wrong policies, and  Union ministers  keep on blaming the previous government for the ills the country has been plagued with. The senior Union ministers and politicians belonging to ... Read More »

Understanding ‘Myth’ Of Child Labour

SUJIT DE, KOLKATA PRAVIN U Sardessai must be congratulated for his letter ‘Protecting children’s rights’ (NT, July 9, 2018). His letter reminds me of an incident that helped me understand the myth of child labour. His eatery gave Bimal da (name changed) a good business. Once he was asked why he had employed so many child workers. Pat came his ... Read More »

Goa Dhangars Receive President’s Sympathy

NANDKUMAR M KAMAT   ON Saturday evening at Raj Bhavan, I was privileged to meet the President of India as an interlocutor for Goa’s Dhangar-Gouly community. What strikes you first after meeting Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India, is his smiling face and impeccable sense of dress. He doesn’t have to wear a smile because it comes naturally to ... Read More »


On KR Sarathi Seva Service IT was with much fanfare that Konkan Railway announced over the print and electronic media its new assistance scheme for physically-challenged passengers at select stations, including Madgaon, Please like & share: Read More »

Make GST A User-friendly System

BINAYAK DATTA I must admit that I was a bit depressed with the low key ‘first birthday celebrations’ of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). No big ‘midnight sessions,’ no double full-cover advertisements in leading dailies but only a few tame panel discussions here and there to keep us professionals a bit busy and some lower-key press statements from the ... Read More »


Penalise People Dumping Garbage in The Open As the torrential downpours have flooded the roads of towns and villages in Goa, the dismal failure of civic bodies and citizens has been exposed. The civic bodies have failed to clean the drains and also ensure that the encroachments on the drains are demolished. Further, the citizens who dump garbage at the ... Read More »