Monday , 18 February 2019


Church’s Support To LGBTQ Community

A F NAZARETH, Porvorim The initiative taken up by Goa’s fashion designer Wendell Rodricks to launch a social media campaign with the blessings of Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai to bring the much-maligned and discriminated LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community closer to the Catholic Church is a positive step forward that needs to be lauded and encouraged. It ... Read More »

Ending Zombie Lending By Banks

JAGDISH RATTANANI   There has been much discussion around zombie firms and zombie lending in recent times. In India, the term has been used (and was referred to again last week by the Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor N S Vishwanathan) in connection with the way loans have been dished out and restructured and kept rolling, giving us ballooning ... Read More »


Punishment For Upholding The Truth In a State, where elected representatives, bureaucrats and even Ministers lack dignity and courage to stand by their actions and beliefs, the upright decision of the FDA Officer, Iva Fernandes to hold on to her report that the fish apprehended  and later released in Margao wholesale market was laced with formalin, needs to be commended. ... Read More »

How State Neutralises Our Wedding Vows

Nandkumar M Kamat   Every passing day we have practical experiences of total decay of rule of law, rise of evil, immorality, greed, corruption, indiscipline. The tone, tenor of their dismissive, unsympathetic voices and body language shows how rude, crude and cruel the custodians of law have become. Please like & share: Read More »

The Case For Reforms In CBI

BINAYAK DATTA IT could not have come at a worse time. Two bombshells in quick succession! Again, two more ‘family feuds’ this time fought out in public, for the world to see. The CBI versus the CBI, and the Union finance ministry versus the RBI. It was a bad week that went by because it again pointed out to the ... Read More »


On Irani’s Outrageous Statement RECENTLY Union minister Smriti Irani made an outrageous statement vis-à-vis the Sabarimala temple controversy.  She said: “I am nobody to speak against the Supreme Court. But would you carry a napkin seeped in menstrual blood and walk into a friend’s house?” I must emphasise here that the statement came from a Union minister, who herself is ... Read More »

Preserve Secular Fabric Of India

KAJAL CHATTERJEE, KOLKATA DURING a RSS convention, former president Pranab Mukherjee had stressed on the importance of diversity, equality and tolerance towards all beliefs and faith. Instead of denigrating the Muslim invaders as “aliens”, he had invoked Rabindranath Tagore’s epic poem ‘Bharat Tirtha’ to welcome the incoming flow to India and to be proud of our assimilated history. While indirectly ... Read More »

Economic Woes Call For Long-term Strategy

AMIT KAPOOR THE 2019 general election is now just months away. This means that the time for any significant change on the ground has passed as the government will soon get into campaign mode. However, as is often the case just before an Indian election, matters of economic concern are gaining importance in national conversations. The rupee is plummeting, banking ... Read More »


Fishy Assertion On Formalin FISH is a highly perishable commodity. If it is not maintained at the proper temperature of 5 degree Celsius, it gets spoilt. To avoid that and increase its shelf-life, the sellers use chemicals such as formalin and ammonia. The flip-flop which has put the state government on the backfoot unleashes every day a fresh stream of ... Read More »

Outsiders Hold Sway Over Goan Economy

PACHU MENON, MARGAO AS in Kashmir, debarring outsiders from buying land in Goa has been persistently demanded to protect the interests of the Goans. Such laws are meant to protect the distinct and unique identity of the state. Possibly the inability to enact such stringent laws here has seen a gradual dwindling of the locals into a numerical minority, while ... Read More »