Wednesday , 19 September 2018


Declining Support Base Of Kejriwal

AMULYA GANGULI The biggest argument against granting full statehood to Delhi is Arvind Kejriwal himself. If an election leads to the elevation of what a former Union home minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, called a “yeda” chief minister – ‘yeda’ is a Marathi word for unhinged – when referring to Kejriwal, then the risk of elevating the status of the national ... Read More »

Kejriwal’s Dispute With Lt Governors

MICHAEL VAZ, Merces It is rightly said that some leaders are best suited to be in the opposition for they only know to revolt and oppose. This can best be said of the ever beleaguered Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is never contented with anything, but is always at loggerheads with the government ... Read More »

Bilateral Meetings And Media Hype

Vappala Balachandran We are often given the incorrect impression by some of our media vehicles that speeches by our leaders at multilateral conferences are “game changers”. Take for instance our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s keynote address at the Shangri-La Dialogue on June 1, 2018 in Singapore. Please like & share: Read More »


Shimla Goes Dry With The Glaciers Last month alone brought great misery to Shimla residents as the reservoir levels were in shambles. Industrial development, agricultural demand, deforestation woes and the increasing extension areas of Shimla have ensured the Himalayan glaciers turn almost dry.  Please like & share: Read More »

CM Parrikar Must Reciprocate Goodwill

Nandkumar M Kamat THE good news is that Manohar Parrikar, 62, is out of danger and is recovering fast. He may appear weak, but his energy and stamina is same and mind – sharp and alert. He has demonstrated the fighting spirit of soldiers at Siachen – world’s ultra-cold and highest battlefield. Please like & share: Read More »


Ills Of Stale Food  OLD wine in new bottles….  this citation is known to many! In good old days, most of the households used to feed the cattle, dogs, cats and such other domestic animals at homes and/or in nearby sheds, out of the residuals or unexhausted, cooked/dried food items at home! Please like & share: Read More »


GST Impact On Ragpickers RECYCLABLE plastic, which had been taxed 5.5 per cent before, has now been bracketed in the 18 per cent GST. As a result, plastic recyclers have drastically slashed the price of waste plastic, as for example the price of empty milk packets has suffered a 50 per cent reduction. This has sharply reduced the income of ... Read More »

Fake News Is A Social Monster

PACHU MENON, MARGAO WITH the Internet and social media having created a hyper interconnectedness among people, the type of false messages circulating these days is indeed a cause of extreme worry and anxiety. Having fueled a surge in unwanted and misleading information, fake news is a social monster that has posed a unique challenge for the police and society. People ... Read More »

A Dose Of Global Fund For Infrastructure

TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE IN a world where trade wars dominate news headlines, trade in goods is interesting, but trade in capital is no less exciting. The Indian infrastructure ecosystem should take note of some policy and regulatory changes globally over the last few months. These can potentially aid the country to significantly bridge the infrastructure financing gap. Shift in asset allocation ... Read More »


Sorrows Of Ribandar NOW that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is also our MLA is back, he has to attend on a priority to the long-standing problems faced by Ribandar. Ribandar is part of the Corporation of City of Panaji, but as far as overall development and civic amenities are concerned, it   remains utterly neglected. Despite the very high municipal ... Read More »