Sunday , 18 November 2018



Ensure Regular Water Supply To Adpai Village Residents of Adpai village in Ponda are facing inconvenience due to the non-availability of tap water during day time. Please like & share: Read More »

Checking Illegal Migration To Northeast

KULDIP NAYAR   The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is well entrenched in six of the seven northeastern states, something not imaginable when partition was discussed. Please like & share: Read More »


Probe Slimy White Layer On Fish The government has assured fish lovers in Goa that the fish that is being imported from other states by trucks is now free from formalin. Please like & share: Read More »


On Government’s ‘Ease of Living Index’ Exercise The government has ranked the nation’s major cities on a 100 point scale reportedly based on four parameters of governance, social, economic and physical infrastructure under its ‘Ease of Living Index’ and has stated that Pune is the most liveable city with Panaji being at the 90th position. Please like & share: Read More »

The Rising Losses Of Banks

Jagdish Rattanani The largest public sector bank and the largest private sector bank have announced losses for the first quarter (Q1) of the financial year 2018-19. The results have shocked many, particularly in the case of the State Bank of India, where the Q1 (April-June 2018) loss stood at Rs 4,876crore, the third straight quarterly loss. ICICI Bank, where the ... Read More »


Curbing Population Explosion: Welcome Initiative It refers to media-reports about 125 Parliamentarians of different political parties like BJP, TDP and shiv Sena led by BJP MP Uday Pratap Singh from Hoshangabad having submitted a memorandum to President of India urging a total ban on government-facilities to families including government-service on birth of a third child. They have even demanded, though ... Read More »

Need For Relook At GoaMiles App

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The state government is realising the hard way the troubles that assail the conceiving and implementation of a project without taking the stakeholders into confidence. News reports of the app-based taxi-service, ‘Goa Miles’, hitting a roadblock is primarily due to this oversight on the part of the GTDC authorities who have not been persuasive enough to convince ... Read More »


Protests Galore In Goa Goa in the past earned the sobriquet of being Susegad. The four centuries plus of Portuguese rule had almost crippled self projections of grievances in mass protests. The sedentary habits of mid day rest has perhaps more to do with the label. Please like & share: Read More »

NRC: A Tale Of Lost Identities

BINAYAK DATTA LAST week’s ‘eye-opener’ in the form of the ‘revised’ second draft of the National Register of Citizens for Assam was another pointer – a pointer to an urgent need for sitting up! And the Registrar General of India announced that out of 33 million ‘citizenship aspirants’ in Assam, a staggering 4 million were found ineligible. As expected, all ... Read More »


We Need More FDA Officers THIS is with reference to the letter ‘On FDA oversight of imported fish’ by Adelmo Fernandes (NT, August 8, 2018). The sympathetic chord struck by the writer in favour of overworked FDA officials is appreciated. Nevertheless, the adverse effects of consuming formalin-contaminated fish are too well known and serious to be taken lightly or ignored. ... Read More »