Saturday , 20 April 2019


Low Food Inflation Disadvantages Farmers

AJIT RANADE THE latest data for March shows the inflation rate to be 2.86 per cent. The average inflation during the last fiscal year which ended in March is about 3.5 per cent. This has been a remarkable success story, the credit for which should go jointly to the Reserve Bank of India and the NDA government. It was just ... Read More »

Candidates May Win On Their Own Merit

Nandkumar M Kamat GOA’S people feel cheated once again because they know that none of the political party or candidate is serious in presenting to them a time-bound action plan for devolution of powers under the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments. Please like & share: Read More »


Curbs On Electoral Bonds Were Long Overdue THE recent interim order by Supreme Court related to the source of funding for elections through electoral bonds as issued to the political stakeholders comes as a very late move at the eleventh hour. Please like & share: Read More »

Housing Sector Awating Reforms

VAIDEHI TANDEL, SAHIL GANDHI As India marches towards a decidedly urban future, concerns about quality of urban living should be topmost priority for policymakers. While there are many urban problems that need to be addressed, inadequate affordable housing is among the most serious. Without affordable housing in the formal housing market, millions among the poor have found shelter in slums ... Read More »


Scorching Sun And Low Voter Turn-Out The recent conclusion of Phase 1 voting for elections in 91 constituencies has resulted in a skewed voter turn-out ratio. The outcome of such a voter turn-out may only be known further as the election progresses in the upcoming phases and may perhaps have an impact with the announcement of results. The Election Commission ... Read More »

Perils Of App Addiction

Pachu Menon, Margao It would be not be right to condemn the social media and such other platforms by incessantly criticizing them for the bad influence that they are having on the society at large. Social media platforms are today more powerful than the traditional media. However, with access to information right on one’s finger tips, the shaping of opinion ... Read More »

Modi As A Larger Than Life Strongman

Rajdeep Sardesai A cheery optimism is a politician’s constant companion. Which is why as survey after survey shows the Narendra Modi-led NDA poised to return to power, opposition politicians have been reminding one and all of what happened in 2004 when all poll predictions went horribly wrong and the Congress-led UPA bested the Vajpayee government. Is ‘Modi Shining’ 2019 going ... Read More »


First-Time Voters’ Voices And Choices The first-time voters are being urged by Narendra Modi to vote for “air strikes”! So vote for air strikes only! Why not vote against the failure to prevent Pulwama or Uri or Pathankot! Why not vote against killing Mohammad Akhlaque on the accusation of “possessing beef”, Unsaid on the accusation of “carrying beef”,  Pehlu Khan ... Read More »

Improper Traffic Signals

Shruti Kelkar, Panaji TRAFFIC signals are a great relief to pedestrians and motorists alike at busy intersections. However, it is of no use if the traffic light colours are just green and red without the flashing of amber (orange) light that has to be in sequence of red to amber to green. The commuters who follow traffic rules are the ... Read More »

Strengthen Public Services Landscape

AMIT KAPOOR & MANISHA KAPOOR The idea of launching Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), a cash transfer scheme that intends to provide Rs 72,000 per year to the poorest 20 per cent Indian families, by the Congress party if it comes to power, has stirred a debate among the policymakers about whether the move is economically viable or is just a ... Read More »