Wednesday , 26 September 2018


Strain In Washington-Delhi Relations

KULDIP NAYAR An autocrat can really unhinge a democratic system. This is what US President Donald Trump is doing. But he is also turning into an imperialist power. India has had a good understanding with America and the two democracies, one the strongest and the other the largest, have ambled their way through in the chaotic world. President Trump has ... Read More »


On Goa’s History In School Textbooks Through this newspaper, I came to know about the government’s plan to include history of Goa’s freedom struggle into school syllabus. The content to be included should be positive and not prejudiced or showing hatred towards past events. Let us not poison the young minds with hatred. Let the truth prevail. History should include ... Read More »

Tackling Crime involving Youth

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The armed assault and dacoity case reported from Guirdolim in South Goa last Sunday portends a dangerous trend wherein more and more youngsters are being drawn into a life of crime unmindful of the consequences. With the arrest of the two youth accused for their complicity in the offence the police could well pat itself for the ... Read More »

Innovation Economy, Path To Prosperity

AMIT KAPOOR Are most nations able to keep up economic progress while ensuring improved standards of living for their citizens? Or vice-versa? Are all productive nations prosperous? The answer is No. Even an advanced nation such as the US, which ranks second in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017, gets no mention in the top ten countries in terms of social ... Read More »


Stop Dumping Garbage In Forest Areas Goa has a good forest cover. The Sahyadri ghats and trees make Goa more pleasant and attractive. I am disappointed with the locals, who dump garbage in forest areas. I request the government to initiate a campaign all over the state to stop this menace of people dumping garbage anywhere. If one explores all ... Read More »

Five-star Hotels Must Care For Environment

JOAO BARROS-PEREIRA, CANSAULIM Anyone who is interested in writing a capsule history of the five-star hotel industry along the beaches in Goa is going to get a bad headache. In the previous few decades, the corporate czars, who own these hotels have made it clear to the public how they do not care for the environment. All they see is ... Read More »

Use Forex Cautiously To Defend Rupee

R K Pattnaik & Jagdish Rattanani The Indian Rupee is falling. We are within striking range of Rs 70 to the US dollar. In intraday trade, the currency touched an all-time low of Rs 69.10 in the last week of June. The nosedive has raised an alarm as the rupee becomes the worst performer among currencies. There are many questions ... Read More »


Surprises Galore at FIFA World Cup The FIFA World Cup 2018 has thus far thrown some unexpected results. Four former World Cup winners namely Germany, Argentina, Portugal and Spain have made an early exit and have failed to reach even the quarter-final stage. Less fancied countries have made a mark in this World Cup by putting it across the more ... Read More »

Increase Number Of Judges

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA The other day, in Bhopal, Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice Dipak Misra said to ensure access to justice, the number of judges needs to be increased manifold.  No one can dispute the CJI because former CJI T S Thakur had broken down in full public view on the inordinate delay in trials which led to cases ... Read More »


Parliament Unproductivity The Monsoon session of Parliament will be held from July 18 to August 10. The last Budget session could work for only 21 per cent of the allotted time in the Lok sabha and 31 per cent in the Rajya Sabha, and that apart the second half of this session was a near washout. Please like & share: Read More »