Wednesday , 17 October 2018



Political Deadwood Must Leave Arena THIS  is with reference to the news report  ‘Vijay wants retirement  age fixed for politicians’ (NT, August 6, 2018).  Town and Country Planning Minister   Vijay Sardesai has suggested that the retirement age of politicians should be fixed  to pave the way for the new generation to come in.  Sardesai,  who is also the president of ... Read More »


Bandipur Ecology In The Line Of Fire  AMONG the 166 National Parks in India, the Bandipur National Park in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka stands out for its tiger population. Please like & share: Read More »

Too Many Deficits To Bridge

AJIT RANADE IT is received wisdom that prior to the era of liberalisation, the Indian economy was a story of chronic shortages. Please like & share: Read More »

Damage Control After MWDT Verdict-I

Nandkumar M Kamat Since people in Goa are busy with many other issues it has escaped the notice of the civil society in general and media in particular that a “bombshell” is going to be dropped within 15 days for which we need to prepare them through a series of articles. The “bombshell” would be in the form of the ... Read More »


The World Is One If “nationalism” gets awarded greater importance than humanity; then the Assam “infiltrators” should definitely be thrown out! But our “nationalist” friends should also stop parroting the zealous rhetoric of “international brotherhood” so as to project India’s “principles” of upholding humanitarian liberalism! Also when sovereign countries like USA, UK or Australia will desire to restrict its visa ... Read More »

Equality Of Status And Opportunity

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES In the very preamble of our Constitution there is emphasis on assuring equality of status and of opportunity, which thrills us to the fullest. Yet when we analyse our practical life we realise the hurdles that we have to encounter repeatedly, may be while getting admissions to professional courses despite performing excellently in entrance exams or while ... Read More »

Trade War Impact On India Economy

BINAYAK DATTA There was a time when monsoons in India were amongst the toughest to predict. Not anymore. The Indo-US ties stand in its shoes now. I am not sure whether anybody in his sane wisdom would be able to hazard a guess whether all’s well; I certainly can’t. Today you see India as a ‘strong strategic partner’ of the ... Read More »


Hike in Goa MLAs’ Salary Atrocious The Goa Assembly has quietly passed the measure to raise MLAs’ salaries by a whopping 77 per cent. The reason as mentioned by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was price rise. Inflation, according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) figures, is close to 5-6 per cent. So the unseemly and prodigious raise by 77 ... Read More »

Opposition In Goa Not Performing Well

VIKAS KAMAT, Margao I agree with Bhagwan A Verlekar (Improve Quality of Debate in Assembly – NT, Aug 3) that the quality of our Goa assembly’s debate needs to be improved. Today, many of our Opposition MLAs are former chief ministers, but none of them seems to have the genuine interest in opposing the government’s programmes. The Opposition is not ... Read More »

Imran’s Challenging New Innings

RAJDEEP SARDESAI In December 2013, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was in India for the Hindustan Times leadership summit. The Delhi election results had just been announced and Arvind Kejriwal had emerged as the great new hope of Indian politics. ‘I would love to meet this Kejriwal fellow,’ Imran told me excitedly. ‘He seems to be boldly taking on political corruption like ... Read More »