Saturday , 20 October 2018


Decriminalise Indian Politics

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES We Indians feel terribly ashamed that a sizeable portion of our elected representatives are tarred with a criminal background. A couple of months ago, the Centre had informed the Supreme Court that 36 per cent of our lawmakers in Parliament and state legislative assemblies have a criminal background facing trials in 3,045 cases. It is an indicator ... Read More »

Learning Lessons From Kerala Floods

RAJENDRA SHENDE Twenty years ago, in August 1998, then Chinese prime minister Zhu Rongji proposed, in a meeting of China’s State Council, a total ban on logging in the forest slopes of Sichuan province. It was in response to the devastating flood-crisis that China was facing in the Yangtze river basin. That policy was enacted overnight, while the floods in ... Read More »


Goa Needs A ‘Full-time’ Chief Minister We try to be considerate towards the sick and pray that they recuperate at the earliest. But the repeated trips of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for medication without a replacement is hampering the governance, functioning and development of the state. No doubt Parrikar is a workaholic and does whatever possible as per his calibre ... Read More »

Set Up Panel To Assess Damage Caused By Calamities

S KAMAT, ALTO ST CRUZ There is an ongoing debate over whether or not to accept foreign aid for flood-ravaged Kerala. This decision has to be taken at the topmost governmental level and cannot be the subject of debate as is being seen now. The UAE ruler reportedly spoke to the Prime Minister, who, as we are told, politely declined ... Read More »

Recasting Country’s Currency Management

AMIT KAPOOR The economy is a fickle beast. Exactly a year ago, the rupee, having experienced a prolonged appreciating spree, had reached as high as 63.5 to a dollar. At the time, quite a few commentators wondered aloud if the Indian currency was overvalued and whether was a moderation was necessary. Please like & share: Read More »


Government Keeps Changing Goalposts The Supreme Court has not yet given its decision on Adhaar yet government is making it more inclusive with facial recognition in addition to fingerprint and iris scan. Please like & share: Read More »

Rahul Must Choose His Words With Care

AMULYA GANGULI Rahul Gandhi has had another of his escape-velocity-of-Jupiter moments. His reference to the massive gravitational force of the solar system’s largest planet was in the context of “explaining” how much velocity was required by a spacecraft to lift itself from the surface of Jupiter compared to what was required on earth – 60 km/sec against 11 km/sec. According ... Read More »


Act Against Operators Keeping Buses Off The Road On Sundays Many private bus operators keep their buses off the road on Sundays and this causes inconvenience and trouble to many commuters. On Sunday, August 26, at 11 am, commuters proceeding towards Margao, Vasco, Sanvordem and other villages around Ponda were seen stranded at the old bus stand in Ponda in ... Read More »

Church Must Do A Rethink On Celibacy

MICHAEL VAZ, MERCES All over the world special provisions are ensured to protect children from all harm and evil. In our own country we have the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, to effectively address sexual abuse and exploitation of children. When such importance is attached towards safeguarding children, it is simply incomprehensible how a predominantly Catholic country ... Read More »

Kerala Floods: Centre Needs To Do More

JAGDISH RATTANANI The people of Kerala are in distress. Rains here are usually bountiful but floods of the kind seen this season are unprecedented. Please like & share: Read More »