Thursday , 20 September 2018


Imran’s Challenging New Innings

RAJDEEP SARDESAI In December 2013, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was in India for the Hindustan Times leadership summit. The Delhi election results had just been announced and Arvind Kejriwal had emerged as the great new hope of Indian politics. ‘I would love to meet this Kejriwal fellow,’ Imran told me excitedly. ‘He seems to be boldly taking on political corruption like ... Read More »


Improve Quality of Debate in Assembly There is a dire need to improve the quality of debate in our legislative assembly. A cursory comparison of the Goa assembly debates to our Parliament’s debates highlights that the state legislature needs better debates. Since Goa is a small state, even those issues that are actually worth discussing in panchayats and municipalities are ... Read More »

Dangers Of Social Media

PACHU MENON, MARGAO Over the last one year or so, the social media has been coming in for some scathing attacks for contents warped to give subjects that lie in the realms of improbability. The appalling reports of mob violence and lynchings that have been rocking the nation are but natural consequences of a sustained campaign to disseminate misinformation and ... Read More »

Farce Of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas

Kuldip Nayar More gruesome details about the Alwar lynching have come to light. Rakbar Khan, the victim, could have been saved if the police had acted in time. In fact, the force stopped for tea and wasted three and a half hours in reaching the victim to the hospital. He bled to death. If one were to put all the ... Read More »


Screening And Issuing Of Health Cards The 61-day fishing-ban has come to an end on August 1. Obviously the fishing activities will commence in right earnest. However it is understood that the migrant labourers have been coming to the state in a trickle. In the days to come theses labourers who work at the fishing jetty will come in droves. ... Read More »

Dangers Of Spread Of Extreme Ideas

Joseph Noronha, Betalbatim There are apolitical, political, religious and other groups of people who set out to brainwash,  indoctrinate and radicalize vulnerable individuals who are gullible and not strong-minded. They then end up being extremists; danger to themselves and to those around them. They try to radicalize others to get them to believe their one- sided views. We live in ... Read More »

Trampling Diversity In Name Of Nationalism

GANESH DEVY Two apparently unrelated yet deeply interconnected events of July invite serious reflection. One belongs to an unending story of crime, the other a not-so-interesting bureaucratic muddle. One will continue to fetch headlines for long and the other will survive, if it does at all, in footnotes for researches. Yet, both are of a piece in a larger plot ... Read More »


FDA Chief Has Powers Of Commissioner This has reference to the news that appeared in this daily dated July 19 and the editorial of July 27 as regards appointment of two Commissioners of Food Safety for the state of Goa. In this regard, it is sought to clarify the issue as regards appointment of Commissioner of Food Safety as under. ... Read More »

On PM Modi’s Equation with Industrialists

PACHU MENON, MARGAO From those engaged in the most menial of tasks to those who have created huge business empires, admittedly, every segment of the society contributes equally to the development of the nation. There cannot be a biased opinion on this matter. The onus has, however, been on the elected class to efficiently govern the country and charter a ... Read More »

Rahul’s Framing Of Debate For 2019

JAGDISH RATTANANI It is a message given to every candidate preparing to present an argument before an audience. In varying words, it says: Authenticity trumps everything else. Do not be forced or strained. Let it come naturally to you. Prepare, then say it with conviction. The message is simple but it can take time to be internalised and implemented. There ... Read More »