Saturday , 15 December 2018


RBI’s Pitch Against Govt Interference

AJIT RANADE THE Reserve Bank of India was set up 12 years before India’s Independence. In the eight decades of its existence it has distinguished itself with conduct of the highest global standards. It is among a handful of national institutions known for exemplary integrity and incorruptibility. It may, of course, have had its share of bad apples, and it ... Read More »


Felicitate Goa’s  Unsung Footballers PROMINENT politician and Benaulim MLA Churchill Alemao has been elected as the new president of Goa Football Association as his panel on Sunday swept the polls to the football body. Goan football has seen a decline over the past several years and the state has failed to produce payers of high caliber.  There is no doubt ... Read More »


Democracy Cannot Survive In Dictatorship Dictatorship does not always begin after a military coup d’etat or violent seizure of power by a group. It can also slowly grow within the courtyard of a democratic country. Please like & share: Read More »

Parrikar Now Needs A Very Long Break

Nandkumar M Kamat I will begin from where I had left in my last article. While discussing the reasons why Goa Chief Minister Parrikar deserved a full uninterrupted five year tenure I was wondering whether he has confidence this time despite facing a serious personal health crisis. Please like & share: Read More »

Time To Revisit Anti-defection Law

BINAYAK DATTA The fortnight that went by was interesting to Goa. I have never felt more amazed, more amused and filled with more disdain all at the same time. I think governance being at standstill with unkept manifesto points and budget deliverables piling up by the day was bad enough but the public show of crossfire in the ruling conglomerate ... Read More »


Make Pothole-free Roads For Public Potholes will appear on roads throughout the year but the public works department (PWD) should be more vigilant and keep the roads free of these potholes by monitoring the roads periodically and getting the potholes patched up every week in a professional manner. Apart from this, the repair and patch-up jobs have to be accomplished ... Read More »

Need For Public To Cooperate On Road-widening

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The news about PWD engineers and the district administration having a tough time carrying out demolition of a house in government acquired land at Fatorda, as the occupants of the house refused to vacate it is quite a common feature of the stubbornness on display of the local populace in a state where public thoroughfares have receded ... Read More »

CBI Row: PM Owes Answer To People

RAJDEEP SARDESAI In the 70 mm cacophonic buildup to the 2014 general elections, a recurring theme was the hype around the so-called ‘Gujarat model’. The BJP’s narrative through the campaign was that the ascent of Narendra Modi would ensure that the status quoist elites of Lutyens Delhi would get a whiff of fresh air from Gandhinagar, and that what Gujarat ... Read More »


On Catholics Attending Hindu Pujas Several eyebrows were recently raised when a video of a Navratri garba event in Mumbai went viral, highlighting a Catholic priest from the diocese in cassock dancing and gyrating to the beat of garba music. Prior to this, the priest was seen offering ‘aarti’ and worshiping the deity. There is nothing wrong for Christians to ... Read More »

Amitabh Spins Magic With KBC

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA Entertainment television shows in India are almost always glorified and stretched. The immensely popular Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is one game show which refuses to fade into oblivion. Amitabh Bachchan, the charismatic showman, has taken the game to dizzy heights. But for Bachchan the show would have been history by now.   In the tenth edition, an aging Bachchan is simply superb while ... Read More »