Tuesday , 27 June 2017


Government must go in for Direct Tax

AJIT RANADE   The nationwide rollout of the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a historic occasion, however imperfect its beginning. It is the biggest reform in indirect taxes. It arose as a grand bargain reached by consensus between twenty-nine states of India and the Centre. Please like & share: Read More »


What Is Going On In Our Country? since the time of Partition the hostilities between India and Pakistan have refused to calm down and two wars have been fought without drawing any lessons. Please like & share: Read More »

Dissecting CMP Roadmap For Goa

BINAYAK DATTA IT is really nice for citizens now, albeit after three months, that they know what the minimum it is they can surely expect from the ruling disposition in our state. The problem in our country are two  folds:  a) we promise the moon when we know public memory doesn’t hunger for our heads; b) we most often fall ... Read More »


Caste Politics In Presidential Poll BY selecting former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar as its nominee for the presidential election, Sonia Gandhi-led UPA has countered the BJP with dual-edged reservation card. The UPA candidate has   distinction of belonging to two categories of reservation – firstly being a Dalit and secondly the nominee is a woman. On the other hand, the ... Read More »

Go Beyond Traffic Drives And Fines

PACHU MENON, MARGAO CONSIDERING the considerable presence of traffic police on Goan roads, the opinion that the Goa police are understaffed needs to be changed. A posse of traffic police at every hundred metres or so is by no means a luxury any police department anywhere in the country could possibly enjoy. Yet citing reasons of the rising accidents on ... Read More »

A Sorry State Of The Fourth Estate

RAJDEEP SARDESAI   “WE don’t need to be told by media or Opposition what we need to do for farmers. We would rather listen to farmers and not to carping, negative Opposition or ‘know-all media’ that knows little of grassroots realities,” G V L Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson said during a television debate on July 12. Please like & share: Read More »


Wishful Thinking On Wiping Out Garbage ADDRESSING the gathering on the Goa Revolution Day, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has candidly declared that by 18 June 2018 Goa will herald into a plastic-free and garbage free paradise. Please like & share: Read More »


Restraint Is The Better Option WHY cannot we as a nation show  our culture by  bragging less and reining in our hyperbole. Let us cultivate sporting spirit and tolerance and show our performance. We will then be on the right side and never lose face. The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi led by example. Change in mindset required  from ... Read More »

We All Are Guilty Of Violence

KAJAL CHATTERJEE, KOLKATA KUDOS to Sujit De for the letter titled ‘No room for violence’ (NT, June 20, 2017). Rightly has De drawn a distinction between two types of violence – ‘aggressor’s violence’ and ‘violence for self-defence’. Aggressor’s violence occurs due to sheer callousness and incompetence of enforcers of law and order, judiciary, and politicians who are good at hobnobbing ... Read More »

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