Friday , 20 October 2017


RBI On Track, Rate Cut Is Not The Answer

By R K Pattnaik and Jagdish Rattanani Broadly in line with the market expectations, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has kept the policy repo rate unchanged at 6.0 per cent. Please like & share: Read More »


Concept Of Ram Rajya Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, amidst Diwali festivities in Ayodhya has made a categorical statement that Ram Rajya will be established in India by the BJP government under Narendra Modi. Please like & share: Read More »

EC’s Reputation Has Taken a Beating

By Kuldip Nayar THE Election Commission has never done it before and had developed an independent status since T N Seshan. He had given it a stature which was admired by the electorate. But the way in which the EC is dilly-dallying with the poll dates in Gujarat gives room to several conjectures. Some even see the hand of Prime ... Read More »


Miramar Pergola Faces Neglect I HAVE been visiting the Miramar beach quite often since MV Lucky Seven was grounded there. She was finally moved out but not before damaging the beach environment on account of erosion. One issue I recently raised was about the large football displayed on account of the World Cup U-17 tournament just near a huge pile ... Read More »

Rewriting Of History Would Be Worthless

MICHAEL VAZ, Merces QUITE often our political leaders bite more than what they can chew and unnecessarily land in trouble to their own ignominy and of the party they are affiliated to. BJP MLA Sangeet Som from Uttar Pradesh made a blatant statement, as a backlash to the controversy surrounding the exclusion of the historical Taj Mahal from the UP’s ... Read More »

The Unending Caste Conflict In Gujarat

Martin Macwan The cases of recent violent caste-related attacks on dalit youth for sporting moustaches in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district are an indicator of simmering tensions and discontent in a State that has until recently been presented as a model of development. One of these cases, an alleged razor blade attack reported from village Limbodra in the Mansa taluka of Gujarat’s ... Read More »


Government-Sponsored Cultural Programmes It must be said that Margao town is famous for it’s commerce and trade but does not have much to offer as far as tourism, sightseeing and cultural entertainment is concerned. Most of the government-sponsored cultural programmes are held in capital Panaji. Every major city needs to have its fair share of entertainment programs sponsored by the ... Read More »

NOCs To Housing And Commercial Projects

PACHU MENON, MARGAO Apparently, housing and commercial projects in the state get the nod from authorities without prescribing to the standard norms. All along when the discussions center around FSI/FAR and other civil engineering jargon for granting permissions for construction, the manner in which basic requirements are overlooked by concerned departments when granting NOCs for occupancy is quite puzzling. Investigations ... Read More »

Too Much Inequality Hurts Growth

By Ajit Ranade President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reform is supposed to be the largest tax cut in history. It reduces the highest marginal income tax rate as also the corporate tax rate. It eliminates estate taxes. However, the benefits will flow disproportionately more to the rich. The Tax Policy Centre of America estimates that the tax cuts will mostly ... Read More »


Homelessness, Joblessness Are Major Problems Of Society Jobless migrants and labour mostly sleep on the Margoa Muncipal Corporation garden or public benches. This happens all over Goa. The MMC chairperson expects the police to take action. The police drive them away once, but expects the MMC security guards to follow up. Is this the way the government thinks, the way ... Read More »

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