Sunday , 18 November 2018


Young Drivers Are Key to Road Safety

This week is being observed as Traffic Safety Week. We hope this does not turn out to be yet another exercise conducted routinely. The officials of the transport department have talked about raising awareness about traffic safety rules by putting up banners and posters, exhibiting films, distributing leaflets and holding conversation with community. Motorists and commuters travelling by public transport ... Read More »

Pleasure from Suffering Of Living Beings

The environment ministry’s new guidelines allowing ‘Jallikattu’, the bull taming sport organized during Pongal festivities in Tamil Nadu, has been obviously done with an eye on the benefits the BJP could possibly reap from the decision. Jallikattu is extremely popular in certain districts of Tamil Nadu and over the decades has come to be seen as “an integral part of ... Read More »

Terror Attacks For Jugular Vein

US Secretary of State John Kerry called up Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday to highlight the need to stay the course for dialogue with India. Immediately after the Indian security forces’ operation at the Pathankot Indian Air Force base to neutralize terrorists was over, the US had told India and Pakistan not to allow the dialogue to break ... Read More »

Upgrading Bike Taxis in Goa

AFTER Goa, Haryana has become the second state to allow bike taxis. They were introduced last month in  Gurgaon,  Haryana’s prime business district, and it is already catching up among people who want to beat street congestion. As Goans know very well, motorcycles are a cheap, speedy and convenient mode of public transport. Please like & share: Read More »

How to Professionalize Cricket in India

THE recommendations of the three-member committee headed by Justice (retd) R M Lodha on aspects relating to Indian cricket are very radical – some of them so radical the vested interests that have controlled cricket in this country will use all means to stonewall. Please like & share: Read More »

Motionless Transport Directorate of Goa

THE transport directorate of Goa, which has been given the responsibility of reducing the number of road accidents in the state gradually to a minimum in a phased safety enforcement programme, has been found sleeping on the job. In April 2014, the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety headed by retired Supreme Court judge K S Radhakrishnan issued guidelines to ... Read More »

Abolish Film Censor Board

SHYAM Benegal’s appointment as the chairperson of a committee to recommend a holistic framework for the country’s film censor board and to suggest changes in the Cinematograph Act, so that artistic creativity and freedom are not curtailed should not be seen merely as a slap in the face of the current board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, though it can hardly be ... Read More »

Good Terrorists In the Eyes of Pak

RESIDENTS of the town of Pathankot on Sunday burnt an effigy of Pakistan in loud protest against the terror attack on the local Air Force base. They raised anti-Pakistan slogans close to the Air Force station, holding the country responsible for continued terror attacks in Punjab. And you could not but sympathise with them. As the surviving terrorists fired guns ... Read More »

Addressing Anger Of Kashmiri Youth

A flag with ISIS written on it surfaced near Jamia Masjid at Srinagar on Friday where young Kashmiris flung stones at the security forces. This was not the first time stone-pelting youth have displayed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also called Islamic State, in Jammu and Kashmir. The first time they waved ISIS flag was in 2014 during ... Read More »

Happy New Year For Goa’s Prisoners

Let the new year be good for prisoners too! The Goa government has plans to turn prisons into reformatory centres and provide jail inmates training in skills. Of course, its plans could go awry if wrongdoings in prisons are not checked, such as the brutal attack on the prisoners shifted from the Sada sub-jail to the Colvale jail. The Goa ... Read More »