Monday , 25 March 2019


Amber Light For 108 Ambulances

With close to 50 per cent of the 108 Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) ambulances not in operational condition and a 25 per cent shortage of para-medics, the emergency services run by the state government with GVK in public-private partnership (PPP) mode has been severely affected. Please like & share: Read More »

Fish May Go Off Goan Plate

THE fishermen led by Goencho Ramponkarancho Ekvott, who blocked inland navigation on the rivers Mandovi and Sal by causing a blockade with trawlers and canoes for two days to force the state government to ban LED-assisted fishing, might have called off their agitation, but they might revive it if the government does not take action on its order. Please like ... Read More »

Hoping for a Centre Wedded To Democracy

ON Thursday Harish Rawat held the first meeting of his cabinet after being reinstated as Uttarakhand Chief Minister following the revocation of President’s rule in the wake of his 33-28 victory in the trust vote. Please like & share: Read More »

Mothers Can Reduce Children’s Anaemia

GOA has registered more than 10 per cent increase in anaemia cases among children in the age group of 6-59 months in the past decade. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2005-06 had recorded 38.2 per cent of the children in the 6-59 months age group as anaemic, whereas NFHS 2015-16 put that figure at 48.3 per cent. Anaemia mainly ... Read More »

Nawaz Sharif Proposes, Pakistan Army Disposes

General Shuja Pasha, former chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s national intelligence agency, had admitted shortly after the Mumbai terror attack in 2008 that the attack was planned by “our people” (meaning officers of the ISI). Please like & share: Read More »

Gross Denial Of Timely Justice

CHIEF Justice of India T S Thakur on Sunday once again lamented publicly that the heavy backlog of more than 3 crore cases in various courts across the country was amounting to denial of justice to the citizens. According to Justice Thakur, in order to clear the court backlog, the country requires more than 70,000 judges. And we can only ... Read More »

New Face of London

London is changing. For the first time in its history it has elected a Muslim as Mayor. Sadiq Khan, after his election as mayor, described his victory as the triumph of “hope over fear and unity over division”. Please like & share: Read More »

Why Insane Driving Goes On In Goa

There were over 17,000 road accidents in Goa killing over 1,200 persons and injuring a few thousand others in the past four years, but the transport department has not cancelled the licence of a single one of the drivers who by their intemperate driving caused so many deaths and injuries. Please like & share: Read More »

America As A Walled Country

The Donald Trump rabid blitzkrieg has worked for him: he is now the presumptive Republican nominee in the US presidential race, threatening to shake the foundations of the liberal edifice of America. His is an amazing achievement indeed: Please like & share: Read More »

Dipping Into Purses Of 7,600 Mallyas

So, it is not just one Vijay Mallya. There are over 7,600 Vijay Mallyas. These 7,600 wilful defaulters owe over Rs 66,000 crore to public sector banks as of December 2015. Union Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha told Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that the total outstanding amount in top 100 non-performing accounts (NPAs) with public sector banks was ... Read More »