Monday , 20 May 2019


Education as Safeguard Against Elderly Abuse 

Tucked away in the inside columns of Goa’s newspapers was a report about the assault on a 78-year-old woman in Porvorim on Thursday allegedly by her two nephews, following which the accused were arrested by police. Read More »

Lokayukta Gives A Ray of Hope

LOKAYUKTA Justice (retd) P K Misra’s direction to the tourism department to stop payments till further orders to the two beach cleaning contractors is not an indictment of the tourism authorities, but it certainly suggests that everything about the performance of the contractors was not compliant with the specific responsibilities they were being paid for. The Lokayukta has asked the ... Read More »

Misdirected War On Terror in Bangladesh

TERRORISTS have struck in Bangladesh again, less than a week after 22 people were killed in an attack on a popular bakery in Dhaka. This time their target was worshippers who had gathered for a mass prayer for the festival of Id in Sholakia, about a hundred kilometres northeast of Dhaka. Read More »

Getting Out of Shadow of Doubtful Citizenship

THE thousands of Goans who have registered or re-registered their births with the Central Registry of Portugal in Lisbon but have not yet acquired Portuguese passport can heave a sigh of relief with the ministry of home affairs (MHA) deciding to give them an opportunity to prove that they are citizens of India and have not acquired Portuguese citizenship. The ... Read More »

Goa Cannot Check Prostitution Alone

THE vice of prostitution has travelled unauthorized on the boat of tourism to Goa but it has now found patrons among politicians, policemen and hoteliers of the state. The number of ‘trafficked’ women rescued in the state by police with the help of NGOs has been increasing. Read More »

Need for a Tenant Verification Drive

GOA has been receiving considerable numbers of migrants from other states, many of whom rent rooms or cubicles where they live in groups of five or more. These rooms or cubicles are often extensions made by house owners who provide no bathrooms or toilets. The occupants use makeshift bathrooms outside their cubicles and defecate in open. Though it has been ... Read More »

Attracting More Foreign Tourists

Goa has entered the top 10 club among states for the first time in terms of foreign tourist arrivals, edging out Haryana. It took Goa decades to reach there, since it was “discovered” by the hippies in the late 1960s and charter international flights started arriving first to see the hippies and then the beaches of the state. Read More »

Poor Performance Of Traffic Cops

Setting an unusual precedent Goa’s Director General of Police Muktesh Chander was out on the road on Thursday to get his men to clamp vehicles in no parking zone and issue challans against violators of traffic rules. The DGP’s personal intervention suggests his men have not been doing their job. Overtaking from the left at high speed, driving beyond speed ... Read More »

Prophet Muhammad’s Multi-Religious Medina

Is Islamic State really Islamic? Was the killing of 42 persons at Istanbul international airport on Wednesday an action justified in any way under the laws of Islam given by Prophet Muhammad? The answer is big no. Islamic State sends three men armed with rifles and suicide bomb vests in a taxi to the airport who open fire and then ... Read More »

Goans in Lisbon Registry Remain Indian Citizens

A great tangle on one part of the controversy over dual citizenship has been unravelled. The Goans who registered their birth in the central registry of Lisbon need not fear losing their Indian citizenship or any of the rights associated with it. Read More »