Saturday , 16 February 2019


Protecting Humans From Overspeeding Ore Trucks

THE Goa government has taken a very deterrent step to prevent loss or injury to human lives in accidents involving mining trucks. A dozen persons were killed in accidents involving ore transporting vehicles since mining resumed. The government has warned leaseholders that in case of accidental death involving a mining vehicle, whether filled with ore or empty, their yearly quota ... Read More »

Seek Public Help In Drive Against Plastic

THE state government has set yet another deadline for ‘complete’ ban on plastic bags below 40 microns – July 2017. Heavy fine would be imposed for violation on sellers and users. The state has been trying to ban plastics since 2000, when it outlawed plastics below 20 microns, a thickness which was raised to 40 microns subsequently. The ban is ... Read More »

Railways Must Focus On Speed With Safety

ACCORDING to Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu, the Railways have a plan to electrify more than 80 per cent of broad gauge lines across the country in five years. Electrification will reduce pollution. A considerable length of the Konkan Railway route is also going to be electrified and double tracked. Please like & share: Read More »

Unchecked Corruption in Goa’s Panchayats

ELECTIONS to the 190 village panchayats in the state are expected next month. The process of delimitation of wards of panchayats has started and is likely to be concluded in a few weeks. The process for delimitation should have started at least six months before the elections, giving the authorities enough time to follow a proper process and invite objections ... Read More »

Making Goan Women Healthy In True Sense

According to a study, 80 per cent of Goan women from 25-55 years age group suffering from depression get it owing to alcoholism of husbands. Alcoholics tend to neglect their families, which drives wives and children into depression. Please like & share: Read More »

Liberal Ethos Of Goan Society

Subramanian Swamy just loves to be in the news. He imposes himself in situations where the concerned parties have not asked for his participation, assistance or even opinion. He has extreme views on most issues and cannot begin his day without firing a salvo. Please like & share: Read More »

Trump-Like Straight Shot From Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, the US Permanent Representative to the UN, might be barking up the wrong tree in making US President Donald Trump “proactive” in the resolution of the disputes between India and Pakistan. The Trump administration was “concerned” about the relationship between India and Pakistan and “very much wants to see how we de-escalate any sort of conflict going forward,” ... Read More »

No Racism Here, India Must Act

The Union home ministry and the UP government must take strong steps to reassure the African nationals living in Greater Noida that those who assaulted some of them causing them grievous injuries at Pari Chowk, a popular shopping area, Please like & share: Read More »

A Sober View Of SC Liquor Ban

The Supreme Court, in its explicit order on ban on sale of liquor within 500 metres from national and state highways, dealt a stunning blow to those who were hoping for any sort of relaxation. The order included bars, restaurants and hotels, rejecting Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi’s interpretation. Saresh Lolikar, former advocate general of Goa, too had given similar advice ... Read More »

How To Change Work Culture In Govt Offices

Quite justifiably, the Goa Government Employees Association has resented ‘brief’ suspension of government employees found absent during duty hours. Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte recently visited the offices of the deputy collector, mamlatdar and block development officer at Mapusa and ordered suspension of 16 employees for two days for being late in reporting for duty or being absent. North Goa collector ... Read More »