Thursday , 21 September 2017


Before All KTC Buses Go Green And Clean

THREE green buses, two running on ethanol and one on bio-gas, were launched in Panaji on Tuesday, making Goa the second state after Maharashtra to introduce green buses for public transport. The bus running on bio-gas is the first of its type to run on Indian roads. The buses will be plied on two shuttle routes,  Panaji-Margao and Panaji-Vasco, and ... Read More »

Goans As Delivery Boys Of Drugs

THE death of two tourists owing to suspected drug overdose in Anjuna on Sunday seems to have propelled the Goa police into action. They arrested six persons, five from outside the state, during raids conducted in Anjuna in four separate drug-related cases on Monday and Tuesday. Please like & share: Read More »

An Independence Day Marked By Sacrifices Of Sixty Children

HOW heart-wrenching it is to celebrate the Independence Day with the ‘sacrifices’ of 60 children in a hospital in Gorakhpur? In their deaths they have left a disturbing message: What is this freedom worth if we do not have oxygen to breathe? The UP government and the opposition parties are engaged in a political acrimony which totally sidesteps the question: ... Read More »

Dealing With Adversities Goa’s Farmers Face

DUE to deficient rain paddy yield in about 3,000 hectares in upper land areas, accounting for 10 per cent of the total cultivated land in the state, could be adversely affected. However, the agricultural department, Please like & share: Read More »

Freeing Vasco Air Of Coal Dust

The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has requisitioned the services of IIT-Bombay to conduct a detailed study of air quality in Vasco. Particles of dust from ore and coal transport are believed to be key pollutants to the air in the port town. The study would quantify emissions from various sources – traffic zones, industry, houses and port operations. ... Read More »

Traffic Cops Must Civilise Drivers

A dozen of people have lost their lives in accidents along the Panaji-Ribandar causeway since 2013. Preventive measures taken by the state authorities to prevent road accidents along the causeway have been found to be inadequate. The measures were put in place in 2015 after six people lost their lives in 15 different accidents along the causeway that year. This ... Read More »

A Morale Booster For Congress Party

Despite winning one seat while the BJP won two in the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat on Tuesday, the Congress is more upbeat and jubilant. The reason is simple: the BJP had done everything possible to win all the three, but it failed to. The lone winner of the Congress was Ahmed Patel, political adviser to Congress president Sonia Gandhi. ... Read More »

Making Men With Good Character

The alleged stalking of a 29-year-old female DJ Varnika Kundu, daughter of a senior IAS officer, in Chandigarh by Vikas Barala, the 23-year-old son of the Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala, and his friend is a most shameful incident. Now CCTV footage of the route has shown a white SUV (allegedly driven by Vikas Barala) in active pursuit of the ... Read More »

Knowing Who Finances Separatism in Kashmir

Inquiries by various central agencies, including the Enforcement Directorate, into the sources of funds and assets of the leaders of the Kashmiri separatist groups have revealed that many of them hold a number of properties, such as land, apartments, houses and hotels. The ED on Sunday arrested Mohammad Aslam Wani, a hawala dealer in connection with a money laundering case ... Read More »

Keeping Mobile Tower Radiation Under Control

Random tests of base transceiver station (BTS) sites conducted by the vigilance and monitoring wing of the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) have revealed that radiation levels from mobile towers in the state were well within the safe limits. Random tests were conducted over three-year period in the first-ever exercise in the country. The Telecom Enforcement and Resource Monitoring (TERM) cell ... Read More »

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