Thursday , 13 December 2018


Preventive Measures To Reduce Drowning Deaths 

THE drowning of two students from Ahmedabad at Candolim beach recently was tragic. Six from among 47 students on study tour went for a swim at 3.30 am when there was no one to help. They disregarded the advisory not to enter the sea after sunset. It is common knowledge that the sea condition is turbulent during monsoon. Their swim in rough ... Read More »

Disciplining Unruly Fliers

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA THE much awaited government’s decision regarding the national ‘no-fly’ list for domestic passengers has finally been announced.  The civil aviation ministry’s efforts in striking a fine balance between passenger conduct and airlines safety is laudable.  No sweeping  changes have been put in place  in the sense the affected passenger gets three months for airing  his/her grievances effectively ... Read More »

Primacy Of Safety Of School Students

THE murder of a seven-year-old student of Ryan International School and rape of a five-year-old girl of Tagore Public School, both in the national capital region, sent shock waves through the hearts of students and parents across the country. The two incidents raised the questions of safety of students at schools. While the Ryan school student was allegedly murdered by ... Read More »

Politically Connected Mid-Day Meal Suppliers

WHILE renewing contracts of the self-help groups (SHGs) to supply cooked food under mid-day meal scheme till the end of the current academic year Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has sent a strong message across that they have to improve the quality of food or risk being dropped from the list of suppliers. He said the primary aim of the government ... Read More »

Speeding Up Disposal Of Tenancy Cases

THE government recently amended the Goa Agriculture Tenancy Act to transfer the tenancy cases back to the courts of mamlatdars with the objective of expediting their disposal as civil courts failed to do so. Please like & share: Read More »

Of Your Liver You Think Before A Glass Of Drink

A team of doctors from Mumbai-based Jaslok Hospital has said that health problems connected with liver and diabetes are a major cause of concern for Goans. There is also high prevalence of diabetes among Goans. Goan doctors have been expressing similar views for a long time. According to the doctors in the Goa Medical College and Hospital, at least three ... Read More »

Shared Responsibility For Making Marriage Work

The Supreme Court judgement declaring triple talaq as contrary to the provisions in the religious code of the Muslims as well as the Constitution of India triggered a look at the divorce rates among all communities. Please like & share: Read More »

Making Goa Even More Attractive To Tourists

Tourism has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last four decades and emerged as a key sector of the Goan economy. From 7.77 lakh tourists, including 92,000-odd foreigners in 1985, the number of tourists coming to the state rose to 63.3 lakh in 2016, including 6.8 lakh foreigners – a rise of nearly eight times. Please like & share: Read More »

Minimum Wage Must For A Decent Living

One of the Modi government’s important reforms is labour reforms. Some steps have been taken for improving ease of doing business and protect workers’ interests and rights, but a lot needs to be done. A major thorny issue has been fixing of minimum wages for various sectors and sub-sectors. Argument is being made that if minimum wages are fixed the ... Read More »

India’s Important Role In Stabilizing Afghanistan

About two weeks have passed since US President Donald Trump announced his new Afghanistan policy, with a call to Pakistan to close off the sanctuaries for the terror groups. Trump’s hint obviously was at the Taliban that operates from Pakistan territory to attack US and Afghan government targets in Afghanistan.  Pakistan is certainly not pleased by the highly negative reference. ... Read More »