Tuesday , 23 October 2018


Recruit Government Servants On Merit

After dilly-dallying over the issue, the state government has finally decided on a major administrative reform to streamline the process of recruitment in government departments. The government will set up a collegiate system that will make recruitments. The introduction of the collegiate system will do away with the system of seeking cabinet approval for creation, revival and abolition of posts. ... Read More »

Royal Outlaws Of Saudi Arabia

More than 200 from among Saudi Arabia’s most powerful individuals have been arrested in a sweeping action ordered by King Salman. Please like & share: Read More »

End Hypocrisy On Swachch Bharat

THE continued failure of the Merces panchayat to remove the garbage dumped along the Panaji-Old Goa bypass road has compelled the High Court of Bombay at Goa to direct the panchayat not to issue any further construction licences or permissions till they satisfactorily manage construction debris and other garbage. Please like & share: Read More »

Harsher Penalties For Illegal Fishing

THE government has decided to hold back subsidy to the fishing boat owners who indulge in illegalities. According to Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar, 54 fishing vessels were recently found involved in fishing within five kilometres from the coast which is illegal. Of them 31 boats were found within the prohibited zone off Sinquerim, 23 off Cacra. Besides, 46 fishing boats ... Read More »

Reducing Coal Pollution In Vasco

Opposition by local residents to coal movement through the port town of Mormugao has prompted Union Minister for Road Transport and Shipping Nitin Gadkari to propose that if Goans did not want coal handling by MPT it can be shifted to a site in Maharashtra or Karnataka. Please like & share: Read More »

Register Luxury Car In Puducherry, Drive In Goa

A rising number of affluent Goans are getting their high-end cars registered in Puducherry. Goan bus operators are getting their buses registered in Arunachal Pradesh. Both do it to pay lower taxes. While the tax rates in Goa constitute 12 to 21 per cent of the cost of vehicles, in Puducherry and Arunachal Pradesh they are minimal. A vehicle costing ... Read More »

Check Posts Can Enlarge Share Of Tourism Pie  

THE transport department is a major revenue contributor for the state. However, it can earn much more with better resources and infrastructure. It has been slothful to change. Please like & share: Read More »

How Goan Society Is Getting Criminalized

It was always feared that one of the negative effects of tourist growth will be involvement of Goans in drugs. The fears are coming true. One in three persons held by anti-narcotic officials now happens to be a Goan. Please like & share: Read More »

No Checks On Private Water Tankers In Goa

Goa needs about 400 million litres of potable water daily. Potable water is supplied by the public works department through a network of pipelines. However, there is often inadequate water supply to some areas or buildings due to breakdown of supply lines or low pressure. Under such situation, hotels, restaurants, factories, commercial buildings and residential buildings are forced to get ... Read More »