Tuesday , 19 February 2019


Arrest Rise Of Cancer In Goa

Cancer has emerged as one of the major killer diseases in the state, claiming close to 1,000 lives annually for the last three years. The doctors at the Goa Medical College Hospital and other hospitals handling cancer cases attributed 30 per cent of all cancer cases to the lethal combination of alcohol and tobacco. Breast cancer comes second with 23 ... Read More »

Allaying Fears Of Chimbel People Over IT Project

At the Chimbel gram sabha on Sunday, a demand was made by some members that the government release a white paper on the Information Technology Park proposed in the village. They expressed fears that the IT park, which is to be set up in a 6 lakh square metre area, would “destroy natural resources including a lake,” which supplied water ... Read More »

Not All GST Collected From People Goes To Treasury

The State Goods and Services Tax (GST) Department has found that nearly 20 per cent of the state’s businesses including hotels have failed to deposit GST in government treasury. That shows that though tax compliance has become much better under the GST regime than it was under the Value Added Tax (VAT) system, there are still a large number of ... Read More »

Do Not Buy Ganesh Idol Made Of Plaster Of Paris

THE Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has found that some local artisans still use plaster of Paris (PoP) to make Ganesh idols despite the ban. Over past two years, the GSPCB collected 143 clay samples from artisans engaged in making Ganesh idols and found that there was higher concentration of calcium sulphate (which is used to make PoP) in ... Read More »

Lingering Doubts About Checks On Imported Fish

THE doubts about the efficacy of tests by the director of food and drug administration for checking the fish imported from other states for formalin and ammonia have only been reinforced by the FDA drafting unqualified officials for the job. Checks to detect formalin and ammonia are specialised jobs; they need to be performed by competent and qualified persons. Over ... Read More »

Finding The Ideal Bag To Carry Fish

THE Corporation of the City of Panaji has decided to ban use of plastics entirely in the city from October 2. Even plastic bags above 50 microns would not be allowed. One of the main reasons for enforcing the ban, they say, is choking of gutters and drains during monsoon, causing waterlogging. Already a CCP ban on plastic bags below ... Read More »

Parents Must Make Their Children Mentally Healthy

ONE in eight children of Goa aged 2-9 suffers from one of the many neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), a study of children in five states has found. Children from 25 villages of Goa were screened for nine childhood disabilities – vision impairment, epilepsy, neuromotor impairments including cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, speech and language disorders, autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability. Two ... Read More »

Despite US Jolt, Pakistan To Continue Backing Taliban

THE US has cancelled $300 million in aid to Pakistan over its failure to take decisive action against terrorists. The cancelled aid was a part of the Coalition Support Funds (CSF) which the US defence ministry provides Pakistan by way of reimbursements for expenses incurred in fighting terror. The US created CSF to help Pakistani army put down terrorist groups ... Read More »

Time To Act To Curb Prostitution

WITH arrests being made routinely and women rescued, prostitution appears to have managed to establish a strong foothold in the state. Please like & share: Read More »

Modi’s Brahmastra Failed To Slay Black Demon

More than 99 per cent of the demonetized 500- and 1000-rupee notes returned to the banks, according to the Reserve Bank of India, which confirms the failure of demonetization which was billed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the only way to bring out the black money which was growing like a cancer in the body of the Indian economy. ... Read More »