Friday , 26 April 2019


Why Police Is Failing To Win Public Trust

THE Goa police is in the news for three cases of alleged assault of ‘citizens’. The Goa Human Right Commission has taken serious note of the incidents and issued notices to the police top brass. Three football fans – Lester De Souza, Tina De Souza and Seby De Souza – were beaten up by Fatorda policemen in retaliation of their ... Read More »

A Sanjivani That Needs Sanjivani

THE farmers growing sugarcane for the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, the state’s only sugar factory, are agitated as they fear the factory might not be able to start its crushing on time. They withdrew their agitation only after the government gave an assurance to start crushing by December 5. Please like & share: Read More »

Trying New Entities For Beach Cleaning

AFTER allowing filth to gather on the beaches for weeks after the tourist season began, the state government has asked Drishti Lifesaving Private Limited to continue cleaning the beaches till March. Drishti had been given the contract for cleaning beaches which expired on November 12. The tourism department should have thought months earlier which company was going to clean the ... Read More »

No Curbs On Dirty Tongue Of Politicians

WITH elections to four state assemblies, political parties are trying fair and foul means to run down their rivals. Though most campaigners of the parties have maintained decency in their criticism, a few of them have stooped to a very low level. Former Union minister and Congress leader C P Joshi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Water Resources ... Read More »

FDA Needs A New Avatar

With testing facilities for most common food items unavailable, the state Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has proven toothless in carrying out its mandate of making food safe for Goans. Please like & share: Read More »

Time to Stop Misuse Of Governor’s Office

The dissolution of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly by Governor Satya Pal Malik has created a controversy that could have been avoided. Malik’s decision is contrary to the promise he made on taking over as Governor that he would explore the possibility of formation of a popular government and not dissolve the House. What has made his decision more ironical ... Read More »

Spectre Of Endless ATM Queues Haunts India

Half of the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in the country may have to be closed down by March 2019 due to ‘unviability’ of operations. The process of shutting down ATMs is expected to begin from January next year and will be completed in three months. India today has 2.38 lakh ATMs. According to global standards, India needs three to four ... Read More »

Beaches Have Sun, Sands, Muck, Junk, Used Cans

At the height of tourist season, Goa does not know how to keep its beaches tidy and clean. The crowning riddle is nobody knows who is supposed to keep them clean! Someone should have thought who will do it much before the contract of Drishti Marine, the agency engaged for maintaining beach cleanliness, expired several weeks ago. Beaches are Goa’s ... Read More »

Search For New Ideas To Restart Mining

The reported advice of the Union law ministry to the Union mines ministry to reject Goa’s proposal for an amendment to the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act for resumption of mining has come as a setback to the state. A report in a national newspaper says Union law secretary Suresh Chandra has informed the mines ministry that there ... Read More »

Making Goa’s Lawless Motorists Obey Laws

Over 3,450 motorists have been penalized for using mobile phone while driving/riding across the state during the last ten and half months. Last year, for the same period, the traffic police booked 1,903 motorists for the same offence. The increase in the number of phone-using driver-offenders this year is about 180 per cent. The police need to be complimented for ... Read More »