Monday , 20 May 2019


Stop Mixing Science With Mythology

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has signed an MoU with National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) for underwater explorations. The ASI has been driven to restart underwater explorations by the Union ministry of culture ostensibly pushed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to establish the ‘scientific credibility’ of the mythological Ram Sethu (India-Lanka bridge) built by Lord Rama and city ... Read More »

Cops Want Basics

It is rather sad to see a simple matter like providing food, water and basic amenities to police personnel posted at the Assembly during sessions reaching the Goa Human Rights Commission. The reason advanced by the government authorities is that there is no provision under rules for free food packets to police staff deployed for Assembly sessions as they are ... Read More »

The Last Man India Hanged

Indian justice would have definitely looked more mature and compassionate if Yakub Memon had served a sentence long enough to die in prison. Hanging amounts to murder for murder, and not by a person but by the State which in all other matters transcends narrow-mindedness. Yet it cannot be said that Yakub Memon was denied justice. Read More »

A Country of One-Eyed Politicians

The sentencing of former Union minister of state and chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh P K Thungon to four-a-half-years of rigorous imprisonment does not suggest that if you are a politician and have indulged in corruption you would be caught some day. Read More »

Shadows on Border

The terror attack across LoC at Gurdaspur in Punjab on Monday brought back the chilling memories of terrorism of the 1980s and 1990s in the state. Will Gurdaspur be repeated? Will terror groups open new fronts in Punjab? – these are fears working on people’s minds. Read More »

This Ice Cream Is Not So Cool

A report was published in this newspaper to warn readers that ice products made by unregistered establishments and sold by street vendors in Goa’s towns and villages, very favourite items of refreshment for commoners, might not be safe to consume. Read More »

Save Accident Victims

Noting that one fatality takes place every four minutes in road accidents in India Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants hospitals to provide cashless treatment to accident victims. Read More »

BJP Finds A Scorpion To Sting Congress 

With the arrest of A M Wachasundar, whose job contract as director of Japan International Co-operative Agency (JICA) was terminated four days ago, the Goa government obviously intends to send out a message that it is acting fast and firmly in the case of alleged bribery of ministers and officials by US construction consultancy firm Louis Berger. Read More »

To Red Planet With ISRO

From Aryabhatta to Mangalayan, and with more than $100 million earned through launching 45 foreign satellites belonging to 19 countries till date, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has come a long way. The silent revolution of space boys over the years has paid off. Read More »

Making Money and Men Safe at Banks

IT may not be a huge amount but theft of cash from a bank in Goa is very unusual and hence a matter of serious concern. According to preliminary reports, an insider’s involvement cannot be ruled out in the theft from the Bank of India, Mapusa branch on Wednesday, Read More »