Saturday , 16 February 2019


Prison to Tomar, Immunity to Irani

ARE there different sets of laws for different people? An inebriated Bollywood star drives his car over homeless people sleeping on the footpath and is convicted and sentenced to five years in jail. But he hasn’t been put in prison. Please like & share: Read More »

Answer Objections Of Tiracol People

MUCH like several other major projects in Goa, the Tiracol golf course project has attracted opposition from social activists. As the government is not only the facilitator of development but also a protector of the livelihoods of Goan people, they must revisit all the issues raised by the social activists. A fine distinction must be made however between the interests ... Read More »

First Bugle for Battle for Bihar

THE first bugle announcing the beginning of the battle for Bihar has been sounded: Nitish Kumar has been declared the chief minister candidate by the united front of the Janata Dal (U), Rashtriya Janata Dal, Congress, NCP and others for the Assembly elections later this year. These parties have come together with the objective of stopping the BJP coming to ... Read More »

Daydream of MGP Leaders

ALTHOUGH both the BJP and MGP deny this, scepticism is growing whether the two will go into the 2017 Assembly elections as allies. The elections are two years away, but all parties have already begun preparing for it, the MGP looking like the most earnest of them. Many in the BJP are not happy with it as the MGP has ... Read More »

Modi and Hasina on Common Sea

INDIA and Bangladesh have broken new grounds during the Modi visit. The understanding was borne out of the necessity for both countries to give top priority to their economic development. If India agreed to allow Bangladesh to use its territory to access markets in Nepal and Bhutan, Bangladesh agreed to allow Indian cargo vessels to use its Chittagong and Mongla ... Read More »

Why Food Is Still Unsafe in India

At least two generations of Indians have grown up eating Maggi. It is really intriguing to think why the food safety authorities in states woke up so late to check its ingredients and alert the nation not to eat it! Is there any way we can compensate for the damages to the health of the two generations that might have ... Read More »

Goonda Raj In Beach Belt

The kidnapping and gang rape of two young female tourists from Delhi in Calangute on Tuesday night is a most harrowing incident not only for female tourists from other states and countries but also for native Goan women. The modus operandi of the gang of kidnapper-rapists would send a chill down any woman’s spine. Please like & share: Read More »

A Second Drought

India has to brace up for a drought in succession, a rare phenomenon that has happened only thrice in 115 years. Rainfall forecast is 88% of average. The tasks before the central and state governments are very challenging. Farmers are already in a bad situation. Please like & share: Read More »

Cricket India in Hands of Legends

Making a break from its policy of engaging foreign coaches and experts, the BCCI for the first time has appointed three former India greats, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman on the board’s newly-constituted advisory committee to guide it and the national team on various issues. The BCCI decision to engage the best native gurus does not have a ... Read More »

Close the Case Against Jain Monk

The objections raised by certain individuals in Margao to the ‘nudity’ of the Digambar Jain monk Swami Pranam Sagarji are foolish, injudicious and derogatory. These people have no idea of the religious thinking that goes behind the ‘nudity’ of Digambar Jain monks. Please like & share: Read More »