Wednesday , 22 May 2019


Why Pakistan Avoids Bilateral Dialogue

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s call in Washington on Thursday for “third party mediation” to resolve the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan was more intended for his political constituency back home than for seriously mobilizing US intervention. Of course during his meeting with US President Barack Obama he raised the Kashmir issue; of course, Kashmir figured in the joint ... Read More »

Vote For Councillors Who Wouldn’t Steal

Voters will elect representatives to 11 municipal councils in the state on Sunday, hoping for better civic services. Though the municipal elections are not fought on party lines, political parties use them to try out each other’s influence and strength. The parties also back candidates who could emerge as their nominees in Assembly elections in the future. Nearly all candidates ... Read More »

Establishing Real Peace In Villages of Haryana

ON Tuesday, two children of a Dalit family in Sunpedh village in Haryana were burnt alive and their parents suffered injuries allegedly after a group of upper-caste Rajputs set fire to their house while they were sleeping. From all accounts it was a revenge killing. A year ago, there was a violent clash between a group of Dalits and a ... Read More »

A Civilising Mission for Goa’s Drivers

Making over a dozen roads in Panaji one-way helped in reducing congestion and making driving smoother and walking easier for pedestrians. It was not only the city residents who benefitted from it but also visitors to the capital. With the success, the authorities have decided to make the one-way traffic management plan a permanent one. Read More »

Excluding Bad Guys From Legislatures

On July 10, 2013 the Supreme Court gave a verdict that chargesheeted Members of Parliament and MLAs, on conviction for offences, will be immediately disqualified from holding membership of the House without being given three months’ time for appeal, as was the case before. A two-member bench comprising  Justices A K Patnaik and S J Mukhopadhaya struck down as unconstitutional ... Read More »

How To Restore Sanity In Society

THE writing on the wall is clear: the NDA government’s image is going to be increasingly affected in an adverse manner if Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not intervene to rein in the fringe extreme elements claiming to represent Hindu interests. The opposition parties and the media have been asking for Modi’s intervention to check violence in the name of ... Read More »

Reform Jail Officials

The violent assault on undertrials by jail officials at the Colvale jail is a gross reminder that it is not enough for a prison to be “modern” or “model” in terms of architecture and equipment as Colvale was showcased by the state government to be. The jail must be safe and humane for the inmates as well. It is pointless ... Read More »

As Goa Widens Its Recreational Range 

GOA faces tough competition from domestic and international tourist destinations, and the only way it can beat the market is by increasing its recreational range which continues to be very narrow. Hot air balloon rides were recently launched; Read More »

Unquiet Flows The Brahmaputra

ON Tuesday China operationalised its Zangmu hydropower station, the largest in Tibet, built on the Brahmaputra river, promising that it will take into consideration India’s concerns and will remain in contact with New Delhi on this. The Brahmaputra flows through Tibet, India and Bangladesh. Of the river’s total length of 2,880 km, 1,625 km is in Tibet, 918 km in ... Read More »

Getting Smart Before Building Smart City

A question was raised by former mayor Surendra Furtado at the meeting of the council of the Corporation of the City of Panaji  on Monday whether the CCP would be able to provide 20 per cent  of the share for the Smart City Mission launched by the central government. The mission requires a 40:40:20 funding ratio, with the central government ... Read More »