Sunday , 24 March 2019


Medieval Mindset of Mastermind

NOT unexpectedly, France has declared a war on ISIS roots in Syria and its shoots in its own land. On Wednesday, armed French police raided an apartment in the north Paris suburb of Saint Denis in an operation linked to Friday’s attacks, killing two suspects and detaining five persons. Please like & share: Read More »

Azam Khan, Not A Friend of Muslims

Azam Khan is to the Samajwadi Party what Sakshi Maharaj or Mahesh Sharma is to the BJP: a perennial source of embarrassment to his party. Not long ago, he threatened to take a complaint of the Modi government promoting intolerance to the United Nations. Please like & share: Read More »

Making and Unmaking of Alliances for 2017

FOLLOWING the victory of Mahagatbandhan (Grand Alliance) in Bihar the idea of a combined opposition against the BJP is being discussed, so in Goa for the 2017 Assembly elections. However, the idea has been shot down by the Congress. One reason could be that the Congress in the state has not benefited from alliance in the past; on the contrary, ... Read More »

Mounting a War On Islamic State

Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for Friday’s attacks in Paris which killed 129 people in the worst bloodshed in France since the end of World War II. In the past two weeks, there have been other major IS-owned attacks. Two explosions in suicide attacks in a Shi’ite Muslim district of southern Beirut in Lebanon killed 43, Please like & ... Read More »

BJP Must Fast Track Promise Fulfilment

THE recent statement by Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar that it was impossible to get a special status for the state has disappointed many including his party men.  The BJP had made a promise to get special status for Goa; so the people would expect the party not to give up the cause abruptly. It is not yet clear how the ... Read More »

Giving A Fair Deal To Unorganised Workers

THE NDA has started schemes to provide social security to unorganised workers, including landless agricultural labourers. Some of the schemes such as for health insurance were also launched under different names by the UPA regime and have only been tweaked. It is the problems of implementing the schemes that have been found by governments difficult to overcome. Please like & ... Read More »

How To Save Small Farmers

IN the past few weeks a few more farmers have committed suicide. Despite the loud breast-beating by political parties in government and out of it, small farmers are being driven to suicide. This raises a question mark on the future of small farmers as a class in India. The struggles of small farmers for survival are becoming more and more ... Read More »

Challenges Before Congress in Goa

THE elections to the state assembly might be more than a year away but the Congress has started exploring issues it could orchestrate to regain electoral support. However, the party has to tread with caution so that the issues do not boomerang on it. Making charges without substance against the BJP-led alliance would go in the ruling alliance’s favour. The ... Read More »

Music Is The Next Medicine

Yet another research study has strongly pointed to the positive role of music in pain and stress management in patients after surgery. The study, published in the British journal ‘Lancet’, found that although music does not hasten recovery or shorten the length of hospital stay, it works so well as a pain reliever that patients need fewer prescription painkillers to ... Read More »

Lessons for BJP From Bihar Verdict

The Bihar verdict is a massive endorsement by the electorate for the Nitish model of development. It is a recognition of his work for the past ten years which has brought the state out of deep pits. Despite severe odds of financial inadequacy and systemic inertia he has been able to give Bihar a growth rate more or at par ... Read More »