Wednesday , 20 March 2019


Dealing With Possible Flood in Panaji

The recent floods in Chennai owing to excessive rain can be the ill fate of any city. It happened in Mumbai in 2005 and in Canacona in 2009. The flooding of Canacona exposed the lack of unpreparedness of the state machinery for such calamities. Scientists point out that intense rainfall in a particular city is going to become more and ... Read More »

War of Arrows In Kejriwal’s Delhi

As far as the charges against Rajender Kumar, his principal secretary are concerned, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should extend all cooperation to the investigating agency CBI. During the period 2007-14 Kumar in his various official capacities has been accused of setting up a number of companies in connivance with some local businessmen to give work contracts to them without ... Read More »

Transfers at Whims of Political Masters

The recent transfer of tourism director Ameya Abhayankar barely sounds normal as it came midway through his posting and just a few days ahead of the peak tourism season. No less abnormal is his replacement by a just promoted official Sanjeev Gauns Dessai. Dessai is the fifth director of tourism department in less than four years since the BJP government ... Read More »

Peace Is The Best Security

In her statement in both houses of Parliament on her recent visit to Islamabad External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday expressed the hope that the “renewed dialogue” between India and Pakistan will open a new chapter of peace and development in the region. Going by the past records, her optimism that a “comprehensive bilateral dialogue” marking “a new beginning” ... Read More »

Making Goa’s Roads Safe

Travelling on the state roads is turning into a nightmare, what with accidents claiming one life every 30 hours. Road accidents have claimed over 260 lives this year by November in 248 fatal accidents as compared to 242 lives in 239 accidents last year. The main reasons for accidents are narrow roads, sharp curves, no grade separations or road dividers, ... Read More »

Creating More Jobs For Goan Youth

Goa’s Industries Minister Mahadev Naik has announced that government through Goa Investment Promotion Board (GIPB) has planned to make it mandatory for the industries in the state to compulsorily provide 80 per cent of total employment to Goans. The fear is unemployment is growing and could create unrest among the youth. Employment generation was one of the key issues which ... Read More »

Educational Criteria For Public Representatives

A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice J Chelameswar has given a landmark ruling in upholding the Haryana government’s amendment to the Panchayati Raj Act mandating educational qualifications among other eligibility criteria for candidates aspiring to contest panchayat elections. The Haryana government issued an ordinance prescribing the eligibility criteria on August 14, 2015. The Haryana Assembly passed the amendments on ... Read More »

Israeli Know-How For Goan Farmers

Israel’s plan to set up its eleventh centre of excellence in India in Goa is good news for the dwindling but still sizeable number of farmers in the state. Agriculture in Goa has been shrinking for reasons of lack of interest of younger generations in taking up farming and of lack of high profitability in the sector. The state agriculture ... Read More »

Vote for Democracy In Poor Afghanistan

THE attendance of Afghanistan President Abdul Ghani at the Heart of Asia Conference in Islamabad has a lot of significance. Till a few days ago, speculation was rife whether he would attend it or not. It would have been extremely odd to have the conference without him, because the whole aim of the Heart of Asia concept is to engage ... Read More »

Growing Distress In Rural India

BACK to back drought has brought about an agricultural distress across the country which is marked by lower incomes to farmers and lower wages to farm labourers. Between April 2014 and February 2015, the value of India’s farm exports dropped nearly 3%. This August tractor sales were down 23%. Rural wages rose at a slower 4.6% pace in a 12-month ... Read More »