Friday , 15 December 2017


Restaurants Profit From GST Cuts, Not Customers

A survey of 150 restaurants by the state commercial tax department has revealed that only a few of them have decreased their prices after the GST was lowered by the Union government by 7 to 13 per cent. Most are refusing to revise their menu downward. Please like & share: Read More »

Let Supreme Court Decide On Goa’s Rights To Rivers

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has declared the resolution of his government to go ahead with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Centre on the ‘nationalisation’ of the six rivers of the state. Please like & share: Read More »

No Surplus Of Infrastructure For Building Mega Projects

TOWN and Country Planning Minister Vijay Sardessai has urged the people, particularly of Salcete taluka, “not to object to every developmental project” in their areas. People residing in various parts of the state have been opposing projects on one ground or another. Some of the projects had to be abandoned in advanced stages following opposition from the locals. Locals often ... Read More »

A Case Of Corporate Social Irresponsibility

The findings of the Goa State Pollution Control Board that South West Port Ltd (SWPL) of Jindal group had handled excess coal/coke at berths of Mormugao Port Trust harbour since 2012 in violation of the consent orders issued by the board have lent credence to the claims of the citizens of Vasco that they have been facing excessive air pollution ... Read More »

Building A Sustainable Disaster Response System

THE surge in seawater that sent waters overflowing on the beaches of Goa recently has woken up the state government to the need for a disaster management plan. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has announced that he would take steps to see that a disaster management system is in place. Goa had been so far seen as safe from severe meteorological ... Read More »

Fearlessly Growing Cannabis In Candolim

The discovery of cannabis plants being grown in a wado in Candolim has set the alarm bells ringing. It at once shows the pervasiveness of drugs in Goa and the growing boldness of those in the business of producing and supplying it. Cannabis, which is known by various names such as weed, pot, hashish and marijuana, has been brought for ... Read More »

Mortal Gods Of Electoral World

Rahul Gandhi is finally going to take over as president of the Congress party. Speculations about that had been made for years, but every time everyone thought he had come close to becoming the party chief he proved them wrong. Yet there was never any doubt that it was he who was going to be the successor to Sonia Gandhi. ... Read More »

Goa’s Ignoring Natural Calamities To Its Peril

A surge of seawater along Goa’s coast due to the cyclonic storm Ockhi that passed from Tamil Nadu to Lakshadweep caused damages to shacks on several beaches. Water entered many shacks. Tourists and locals on the beaches had to wade through water to safety. The surge started on Saturday night and continued till Sunday. Fortunately no lives were lost, but ... Read More »

Making Fish Cheaper For Goan Consumers

The threat of Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar to impose tax on vehicles transporting fish for sale outside the state sounds weird. The minister’s idea is to bring down fish prices in Goa by restricting ‘export’ of ‘fish caught within the territorial waters of the state’ to other states. There is no such levy charged by any state on export of ... Read More »

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