Sunday , 23 September 2018


Govt seeks greater collaboration with industry

NEW DELHI: Avowing that the government intends to continue the process of liberalising the economy and dismantling controls, the Planning Commission in a futuristic sense speaks of greater collaboration between industry and business on the lines that exist in Japan, China and other Asian countries that have recorded rapid industrialisation and high growth.

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Ark SMC answer to Goan job conundrum

PANAJI: Ark Shipping & Management Company (Ark SMC) is the first company to design and manufacture a dry drill simulator at its factory in Pilerne Industrial Estate, Goa.  “We are the first in India to manufacturer a dry drill simulator,” he told the Navhind Times.

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Budget: Farmers overjoyed, bankers sceptical

PANAJI: While most industries are giving the 2010-2011state budget the ‘thumbs up’, bankers are sceptical. They feel it is not yet clear, firstly by adjusting the income slab on taxes, salaried persons may sees reduced pay. Secondly, the state government has imposed taxes on new property purchases, this will make the cost higher for new property buyers.

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