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Carmona VP raises objection to eco-tourism project




The village panchayat of Carmona during a special meeting held on Saturday resolved to oppose a proposed conversion of 90,000 square metre of land to make way for an eco- tourism project in the village.

The panchayat body also resolved to file their objections with the TCP while also deciding on meeting the TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai over the issue.

Meanwhile, the village forum has decided to organise ward-wise awareness meetings against the project.

The resolution was unanimously approved; it was proposed by sarpanch Allwyn Jorge and seconded by panch member Winston Dias. The resolution highlighted the threat to the village if the project is allowed to come up in the village.

“It is unanimously resolved to recommend to the town planner and the TCP Board to reject the said application due to the fact that the change of zone of the mentioned field and water body will threaten and destroy the natural habitat and ecological balance, and cause extensive damage to its fragile eco- system and biodiversity as it is a ecologically sensitive zone in the village,” states the resolution.

“Change of zone if permitted will lead to flooding, ruin the fertile khazan lands, pollute the adjoining rivulets, destroy its marine life and flora and fauna of the area and cause an imminent manmade disaster in the village for the sole benefit of the applicant. This will also put enormous pressure on the existing limited infrastructure of the village like water supply, power supply, garbage and roads and also pollute the river, ground water with sewage and destroy the natural habitation and ruin the demographic character of the entire village for the sole benefit of the applicant,” adds the resolution.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Jorge said, “We will be sending this resolution to the Chief Town Planner (Planning) and ask for an appointment to meet the TCP minister Vijai Sardesai to tell him about our objection to it. The panchayat should have been informed of such a big project in our village.”

Carmona Villagers Social Welfare Forum president Succoro Miranda said that ward-wise meetings would commence from Sunday.

“We have had experience when the Raheja project was to come up in the village. We will be organising ward-wise meetings wherein we will tell the people about the project and why we are objecting to it so the people know what is going on,” he said.

The chief town planner (planning) had in gazette notification dated February 28, 2019 listed the application of Bullion Infrastructure for change of zone of 90,000 square metre of paddy fields, water body mangroves eco one to eco resort with 30 per cent FAR at serial number 80/1-4, 77/1 of the village under Section 16B of the Goa Town and Country planning Act.

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