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Calls to impart justice to Hindus in Sri Lanka

PONDA: Hindu organisations and political parties in India need to take lead in imparting justice to Hindus in Sri Lanka who are facing pressure for conversion, stated Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan from Sri Lanka. He was addressing a gathering on the topic ‘Security of Overseas Hindus’ on the second day of the sixth ‘All India Hindu Convention’ at Ramnathi-Ponda.

Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan said that “due to persistent war going on since last 30 years in Sri Lanka, the population of Hindus in Sri Lanka is reducing at a fast pace. The population of Hindus which was earlier 30 per cent has now remained 15 per cent, that is, 20 lakh only. Hindus are constantly pressurised for getting religiously converted. To safeguard the Hindus in Sri Lanka devout Hindu organisations and political parties should take the initiative for imparting justice to Hindus.”

On this occasion, advocate Rabindra Ghosh, president of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ said, “The plight of Hindus in Bangladesh is very bad; they are put behind bars on minor pretexts. I will fight till the last breath for Hindus in Bangladesh irrespective of any adverse circumstances.”

The National Co-Convener of Bharat Raksha Manch from Odisha Murli Manohar Sharma said, “Only Hindu Dharma teaches about the omnipresence of God and therefore, to save the earth from destruction, existence of Hindu Dharma is a must.”

Niraj Atri, the president of ‘National Centre for Historical Research and Comparative Study’ from Chandigarh said, ‘There is a plot to malign the Vedas through the medium of NCERT. Totally false information such as existence of tradition of slavery in Vedas is being passed on to the students through the medium of this central government level curriculum.”

Nationalist organisations which participated in the 6th All India Hindu Convention have demanded for an independent Union Territory called ‘Panun Kashmir’ in Kashmir for Hindus.

A resolution was unanimously passed at the Convention, highlighting that more than six million Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists living in Jammu and Kashmir will not allow any compromise with Jihadi separatist forces.

General Secretary of Panun Kashmir Youth wing Rahul Razdan said that any compromise with Jihadi forces will pave way for another partition. He said that over seven lakh Kashmiri Pandits stand for the creation of a separate state on the North Eastern bank of river Jhelum.

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