Thursday , 22 February 2018

Calangute residents troubled by ‘nuisance’ created by drug addicts

CALANGUTE: The residents of Umtawaddo, Calangute are troubled by the ‘activities’ of drug addicts and peddlers.

The aggrieved residents said that they have been living with the problem for the past 35 years and are facing “harassment” from such elements.

The locals told this daily that they are frustrated as no action is coming forth from the authorities and that for no fault of theirs they have to put up with the nuisance created by drug peddlers and addicts every day.

They said that the drug addicts are not only a problem for the locals, but also for the tourists who come on the beach, adding that, there are also girls involved in the illegality.

It was learnt that the narcotic cell had acted against the ‘main’ culprits twice but this has not deterred them from carrying out the illegal activity.

They said that the addicts usually indulge in their activities inside closed apartments and then syringes are found thrown everywhere.

The residents say that they fear for the future of their children as they know what is happening around and how drugs are consumed.

As some kind of a solution, one senior citizen has raised the height of her compound wall to keep the anti-social elements away from their sight, but it has not helped her family much.

Another resident, recalling that once a woman drug addict came to fight with his wife, said that “they keep harassing us; moving out with family becomes difficult especially in the evenings because addicts are there everywhere.”

Another aggrieved resident said that he has been targeted by peddlers. “Our family cannot move out in vehicles, the addicts come to fight with us.  A complaint has been filed in the panchayat about the nefarious activities.”

When contacted, Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi said that those, who run the drug trade, were arrested by the narcotic cell and put behind bars.  “If the people complain, we will take action against the culprits,” he said.

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