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C. ALVARES … THE King of Duets – Audio REVIEW JP Pereira

The audio CD, ‘C. ALVARES … THE King of Duets’ was released a few years back. It was recently made available to lovers of Konkani songs during the shows of the tiatr ‘Axea’ , written by the late C Alvares and directed by his daughter Capucina Alvares.

A collection of 12 duets composed by C Alvares and rendered by various newcomers and some veterans, each tune is a gem. And indeed after listening to the lyrics, one can see why the thespian was called the king of duets.

The album begins with ‘Modlolo Khuris’, a song of treachery between lovers, by Capucina with Julius. ‘Chocletti Dilear’ from Samantha  and Joel is a lover’s quarrel, ‘Bhavachem Ghor’ by Cappucina and Kenny  tells of sibling love and ‘Axirvad Zavo’ by Babli and Joel depicts the need of parental blessings,  for a marriage to succeed.

‘Tambdde Kapodd’ by Betty Naz and Francis Fernandes is a brother’s concern for his married sister, Capucina and Saby render ‘Duuddvank Bullon’, and Babli joins Ashford for the feel good ‘Valor Subez Zalo’. ‘Family Doctor’ from Succorine and Julius is humorous, ‘Queen of Sheba’   by Capucina and Francis  is advice to man who have lost their wives, and Betty Naz with Carrie renders ‘Permit Haddlam’ a reminder of  those days of prohibition in Mumbai.

‘Discok Vetam’ by Krysandra and Kenny is a father’s advice to his teenage daughter and the final track,  ‘Tanddlachi Khir’  is rendered by Cappucina and Joel.

The beautiful lyrics are set to pleasant music by The Day Breakers with Manuel and Julius Noronha.  This is an album of vintage songs.  A must buy!

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