Saturday , 16 February 2019

Buyers in Panaji insist on local fish

PANAJI: The Thursday’s raid on the wholesale fish market in Margao and other places had its effect on the availability of fish in the markets in the city and surrounding areas. Most of the fish vendors in Panaji and sub-urban areas told this daily that the imported fish was not available and that there were no takers for the same.

Though there was a huge rush during the morning hours in the municipal fish market, most of the consumers preferred to enquire about the origin of the fish and only on satisfying themselves that it was not imported, they bought the fish.

The customers were seen arguing with the fish vendors and trying to impress them that they were aware what fish was fresh and what was stale. They also tried to impress upon the vendors that they were aware of fish being preserved by using formalin and that they would complain to the Food and Drugs Administration if they were misled by the vendors about the quality of the fish. The customers used all the tricks up their sleeves to impress upon the vendors and check the quality of fish before buying the fish. With fish being limited in supply, the Panaji fish market wore a deserted look by afternoon with the stocks being sold out.

The fish which was brought by the anglers for sale in the market commanded hefty prices and had a good demand throughout the day.

With imported fish not being available, many vendors failed to turn up and conduct business. Only those having local supplies of fish were selling locally packaged fish, particularly mackerels, sardines, tiger prawns and Bombay duck.

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