Toro Loco to be bottled in Goa

PANAJI: In Mexico, tequila is often drunk straight. Outside Mexico, that is in Goa feni is better drunk straight. So, what’s the difference? It is globally known that Tequila supports sustainable tourism in the region it is served.

Western tourists in Goa will have little to boast about when they learn that Tequila is bottled and served better here, and moreover it is reasonably priced. Today, almost 77 years after distilling and bottling the feni brand since 1936, Madame Rosa’s family’s legacy will add the premium tequila to its portfolio.
Global Spirits and Foods, an offspring of Madame Rosa whose strong tradition of nurturing local culture of Goa, will start bottling and marketing for the fist time in India the authentic international tequila brand called the Toro Loco.
Toro Loco will be available in two sizes – 750ml and 60ml miniatures. It will be priced at Rs 750 for 750 ml bottles and Rs 65 for 60 ml miniatures, making it the only Tequila brand in India available at this price. Toro Loco will be affordable to a larger consumer segment and since it will be ‘fun and full of zeal’ tequila brand and the target consumers are the young and ambitious who are constantly on the move.
The launch has many firsts. It is for the first time that traditional tequila, manufactured by Grupo Tequilero de Mexico, will be bottled in India and is specifically targeted towards the India market. The manufacturing and bottling processes at Grupo Tequilero and Global Spirits and Foods is of the highest quality standards which will help retain the authentic flavor of Tequila.
Moreover, Grupo Tequilero, Madam Rosa and Global Spirits and Foods are popularly known globally and locally for their quality brands. Once aged to taste, the Tequila is imported in bulk by Global Spirit and Foods and bottled in the state-of-the-art factory in Goa. These bottles are then marketed at a competitive price.
Toro Loco has the backing of two strong entities namely Grupo Tequilero de Mexico and Global Spirits and Foods, a sister concern of the 77 year old Madam Rosa, based in Goa. Grupo Tequilero exports Tequila to the US, Germany, England, Russia , Belgium, Spain, Australia and Israel. Madame Rosa is also involved in trading of other premium global brands and is the manufacturer of the popular brand of Madame Rosa Liqueurs. The next phase will cover cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and through Global Spirits and Foods network of distributors.
There is an almost endless variety of drinks that involve tequila, relying only on the imagination of the preparer. The Tequila Sunrise and Matador are very popular. Eating the Tequila worm is nothing but a marketing ploy.  The “worm”, which is actually a larva, lives on the mezcal plant, so having one in the bottle is supposed to prove that it’s genuine mezcal in the bottle. Like other regions closely identified with their typical products, the Tequila Trail has potential to attract local and foreign visitors.