Magson Hymart launches exotic chocolate range

PANAJI: Magsons Hymart situated at Caculo Mall, Panaji has tied up with Cocoa Trees, Singapore to launch a plethora of exotic chocolates in Goa.
Mr Kevin Zhang from Taiwan stated, “The idea to tap the Goan market is because of the demand for chocolates in Goa.

Upscale chocolates are not just bought by a customer for consumption, but are exciting gifts for weddings and special occasions.”
Mr Kirit Maganlal, managing partner, Magsons Hymart Supermarket stated, “We started selling chocolates from Cocoa Trees for the last one month at our Hymart Center, Caculo Mall. After receiving a descent response from customers, we decided to make chocolates from Cocoa Tree a whole range here.”
Mr Kirit reiterated that Goans are generally exposed to the concept of foreign exotic chocolates because of the number of Goans working overseas. Cocoa Tree has a range of Belgian, Swiss, Finnish, Danish and American chocolates.
Ms Andrea Maganlal states, “Till date these chocolates have been foraying into Indian markets through Asian gray markets, but the quality differs as there is a lot imitations, duplicate products which are not of the same quality. Also there is no special care taken in transporting these delicate chocolates.”
Mr Zhang emphasised that Cocoa Tree is tied up with companies that are in the chocolate industry for over two centuries and none of Cocoa Tree products come from the Asian chocolate market of Malaysia or China.
Mr Manguirish Pai Raikar graced the launch and designed various edible chocolate decorations along with Mr Zhang. Mr Zhang is a chocolate designer from Taiwan who is professionally trained in making various chocolate dipping.