Education, character should go side by side: CM

PANAJI: In one of his typically distinctive remarks that he is known for, Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar said that "Education per se could not be considered as the only reason for respecting a person in politics or in any other field."

Ranking character as more important than formal education, Mr Parrikar said, "Although, people place a great value on education, it is of use only when accompanied with character."

The Chief Minister was speaking, late Wednesday evening, at the CII-YI Annual Session, ‘Empowering Youth Today for a Strong India of Tomorrow,’ held at Hotel Fidalgo, Panaji, where speakers were discussing the importance of education among youth and also highlighting his IIT background.

Citing the example of his mother who despite formal education was an inspiring lady, the Chief Minister said that the advantage of education was that it could be used as a leverage to do things. Adding that youth were important because of their ability to generate new ideas and to bring about change, he said, "a major problem in Goa was lack of new leaders" and attributing the leadership crisis to "youth migrating outside."

Underling the significance of primary education in "character building", Mr Parrikar also said that "the entire primary education system was in a mess and needed to be improved." Pointing out the value of the Goa Scholarship Scheme in encouraging youth to go in for further learning, he said the government recently waived the "utility clause" in granting interest free loans to youth as it wants to do all it can to expedite disbursals through the scheme.

Other speakers at the occasion were Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, director (Industries, Trade & Commerce), Mr Alexio F Da Costa, director, Craftsman Training, Mr Srikant Suryanarayan, national vice chairman CII, Ms Kamat, Mr Anil Kher, president CII- Goa and Mr Atreya Sawant, unit head, Mandovi Dry Docks.

Speaking at the occasion Mr Rodrigues said, "There are lots of schemes put out by industry bodies for development, but it was rare to see a success story." Attributing the lack of success stories to a paucity of hard core grass root level workers among industry associations, Mr Rodrigues felt that the associations needed to "focus in a particular area instead of coming out with many programs, and "see a particular scheme through its end."